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Title: 行動OLED裝置上針對滑動的省電方法 : 以瀏覽器為例
Power-Saving Method for Fast Scrolling on Mobile OLED Devices : A Case Study on Browsers
Authors: 林均翰
Lin, Chun-Han
Chang, Hao-Chun
Keywords: 行動OLED裝置
Mobile OLED Device
Screen Scrolling Operations
Power-Saving on OLED Display
visual attention model
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 現代行動OLED裝置發展迅速,在行動裝置的電量有限的情況下,針對行動裝置顯示器的省電議題的相關研究,在近年來蓬勃發展。過去研究發現,使用者在使用行動裝置時,滑動行為在總使用時間中佔了很高的比例。針對滑動時會產生很高功耗的議題,過去的研究者已有許多不錯的研究成果,但在行動OLED裝置的部分,目前的研究尚未完全運用OLED的功耗特性。本論文著重在研究在行動OLED裝置上針對滑動時的省電方法,我們以瀏覽器中的滑動行為為研究範例,透過運用OLED功耗特性,並根據使用者瀏覽網頁時的注意力模型,將使用者較不注意的區域,在滑動時,改變為較省電的顏色以在不影響使用者經驗的前條件下,達到節省OLED耗電的效果。我們將所開發的省電方法,實際安裝在行動裝置上測試,實驗結果顯示所開發的省電方法在OLED省電效果與處理速度上有良好的效果,並獲得對將來的研究方向與系統實作有助的資訊。
The development of modern mobile OLED devices has been rapid. In the case of limited mobile devices, research on power saving topics for mobile device displays has flourished in recent years. In the past, previous studies have found that users spend a lot of time scrolling screen on mobile devices on the total using time. Power consumption caused by screen scrolling. Past researchers have had a lot of good research results, but they have not yet fully utilized the power consumption characteristics of OLED in the part of mobile OLED devices. Therefore, this paper focus on the power saving method for fast scrolling on mobile OLED devices. By using the OLED power consumption characteristics and based on the user's visaul attention model when browsing the web. The area that the user has less attention when screen scrolling. we used the OLED power module to change the screen color to achieve power saving without affecting the user's experience. We have actually developed the power saving method and installed it on a mobile device. The experimental results show that the developed power saving method has a good effect on the power saving effect and processing speed of OLED, and obtains helpful information about research directions and system implementation in the future.
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