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Title: 運用信標感應和擴增實境於室內定位及導覽
Using beacon sensing and augmented reality in indoor localization and navigation
Authors: 吳榮根
Wu, Jung-Gen
Lu, Yi-Te
Keywords: 信標感應
beacon sensing
indoor guidance
augmented reality
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 在室內場域中的硬體設備推陳出新的改變我們的生活,但是在軟體方面卻始終處於剛起步的狀態。但隨著一些新穎的政策、想法的出現,人們慢慢把大數據、互聯網做串連也慢慢朝向智慧化的方向發展。而智慧化的好處除了讓人力成本減低、降低出錯機率更重要的是也使我們生活更方便。而其中短距離傳播技術也會是智慧化都市場域的重要推手。而在場域中的自動化不僅僅是為了節省成本,也是可以讓使用者可以更自由的使用一些手邊的裝置設備並優化在場域中的體驗。然而現今智慧型手機每人人手一支的情況,手機也就成了最好實現社區生活型智慧系統的裝置。 本研究是以信標感應為主要的系統,再以擴增實境的投影來達到場域內的新體驗。首先以信標感應系統就包含定位導引以及消息推播功能。透過布置在場域內的信標感應裝置的相互作用,我們可以在沒有網路連接的情況下讓使用者的手機就能執行路線導引的功能。而推播的功能是可以在使用者接近場域的時候推播場域的廣告或是場域內的展場資訊。最後在場域內也可以使用擴增實境的標誌圖示來達到手機端的擴增實境模型投影及影片投影。
With the emergence of some policies and ideas, people are using big data and the Internet to achieve automation. The benefits of doing this are reducing labor costs, reducing the chance of error, and increasing productivity. In the future, our labor will gradually be replaced by machine tools. In this case, I believe that short-distance communication technology will also be an important promoter of the smart market. Automation in the field is not only to save costs, but also to allow users to more freely use some of the devices at hand and optimize the experience in the field. In this study, the main system of beacon sensing is the main system, and then the projection of the Augmented reality is used to achieve a new experience in the field. First, the beacon sensing system includes positioning guidance and message pushing functions. Through the interaction of the beacon sensing devices arranged in the field, we can let the user's mobile phone know the direction of the route guidance without the network connection. The function of the push is to push the advertisement of the field or the exhibition information in the field when the user approaches the field .And the augmented reality logo icon can also be used to achieve the augmented reality model projection and film projection on the mobile .
Other Identifiers: G060547024S
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