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Title: 運用開放資料、信標感應和擴增實境於智慧商圈服務系統之研究
Research on the Application of Open Data, Beacon Sensing and Augmented Reality in Smart Shopping Environment Service System
Authors: 吳榮根
Wu, Rong-Gen
Yeh, Yao-Ming
Lin, Cheng-Han
Keywords: 智慧商圈
smart shopping environment
open data
beacon sensors
augmented reality
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 隨著無線網路、智慧型行動裝置的普及和各種感測技術的進步,讓物聯網的時代逐漸到來,以物聯網技術結合實際環境發展而成的智慧感應場域也成為許多技術研發的重點。在智慧感應場域中,依照不同環境需求結合各種創新技術,打造適合的技術應用,實現使用者與環境便利溝通的橋樑,並提升使用者的環境體驗。 本研究以開放資料、信標感應和擴增實境三項技術運用,開發用於智慧商圈的應用服務系統。此系統包含停車場地圖資訊系統、信標廣播感應系統和擴增實境導覽系統三項子系統,根據商圈使用者的「食、衣、行、娛樂」四項基本需求為核心,分別開發適合商圈內使用情境的各項技術應用。此系統功能呈現主要以顧客使用情境為導向,以使用者智慧行動裝置中的各種感測器,結合數位資料的視覺化呈現,提升顧客在商圈內的使用體驗。
With the popularization of Internet and intelligent mobile devices and advancements in various sensing technologies, the era of the Internet of Things is gradually coming. The smart sensing environment developed with the combination of the Internet of Things technology and the actual environment has also become the focus of many technological developments. The smart field integrates various innovative technologies according to different environmental requirements to create suitable technology applications, bridge the user's convenient communication with the environment, and enhance the user's environmental experience. This study uses open data, beacon sensing, and augmented reality technology to develop application systems for smart shopping environment. This system consists of a parking lot map information system, an augmented reality navigation system, and a beacon broadcast sensing system. Develop technical applications that are suitable for use within the context of shopping environment, based on the four basic needs of users, including food, clothing, clothing, and entertainment. This system is mainly oriented to customer use, and uses various sensors in the user's smart mobile device to combine the visual presentation of digital data to enhance the customer's experience in the shopping environment.
Other Identifiers: G060547015S
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