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Title: 用戶體驗開發基於應用 了解遙遠的城市通過旅遊視角
Development of User Experiences based Application to Understand Distant Cities Through the Tourism Perspective
Authors: 葉耀明
Yao-Ming Yeh
Chun-Han Lin
Archana Allishe
Keywords: 社會化媒體
Social media
Graph API
Social experiences
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 社交媒體正在發揮每各行業的重要作用,並在世界各地,包括旅遊觀光。成功的旅遊業在 很大程度上取決於使用口碑口碑傳播的意見和建議,以及社交平台如Facebook讓旅客提出 意見,並給予意見有關特定城市的特定的東西(如食品,旅遊景點,節日等)。這些意見 和建議可以作為信息的其他人誰不知道的那些地方/城市,讓他們了解一個特定的城市/地 方提前一個適當的規劃。不過,據我所知,沒有一個系統提供的有關從社交網站的特定城 市的個人經驗。考慮到這一點,提出了項目,開發一個網站,可以探索提供有關使用圖形 API(臉譜)和GData的API(YouTube)的城市/地區的社交媒體網絡的信息。 在本文中,我們開發了一個系統,它可以讓用戶(一)閱讀其他用戶的所有經驗,從約不 同的地方或城市的社會化媒體,(二)閱讀所有評論張貼在網站上(建議,反饋等) (三)閱讀,被自動分類到不同的領域,如食品,旅遊景點,體育,夜市等;(四)利用 搜索喜歡的號碼作為查詢任何用戶體驗,(e)所有檢索到的用戶體驗搜查通過使用任何 關鍵詞的帖子,(六),見“圖片”類別中的所有張貼在Facebook用戶的圖片,(G)觀賞 所有Facebook上的“視頻”類用戶發布的視頻,(H)股/的鏈接後在Facebook上,(我)“ 象”的評論/通過Facebook頁面登錄,(J)發送郵件,通過Facebook的任何朋友,(k)的 搜索和播放“的用戶體驗相關視頻”從YouTube,(L)使用谷歌搜索。從Facebook的這種 用戶提供的豐富多樣的數據將自動檢索該系統預計將讓用戶了解從不同的角度的城市。
Social media is playing an important role in each and every industry in the world, including travel and tourism. Success in travel and tourism industry depends heavily on the use of word-of-mouth to spread opinions and recommendations, and social platforms such as Facebook allow the traveler to comment and give opinion about a particular thing in particular city (e.g. food, attractions, festivals, etc.). Such comments and opinions can serve as information for others who are unknown to those places/ cities and allow them to understand a particular city/ place in advance for an appropriate planning. However, to my knowledge, none of the system provides the individuals experiences about the particular city from social networking sites. Considering this, the project was proposed to develop a website that can explore the information available on social media networks about the cities/places using Graph API (Facebook) and GData API (YouTube). In this thesis, we developed a system which can allow user to (a) read all the experiences of other users from social media about different places or cities, (b) read all posted comments (suggestions, feedback, etc.) on the website, (c) read all retrieved user experiences which are automatically categorized into different fields such as food, attractions, sports, night markets, etc., (d) search any user experiences using number of likes as a query, (e) search any posts by using any keyword, (f) see all the pictures posted by users on Facebook in “pictures” category, (g) watch all the videos posted by users on Facebook in “video” category, (h) share/ post the link on Facebook, (i) “like” the comments/ pages through the Facebook log-in, (j) send message to any friend through Facebook, (k) search and play “user experiences related videos” from YouTube, (l) use Google search. Such user-contributed rich and diverse data from the Facebook will be retrieved automatically in this system is expected to allow users to know about the cities from different perspectives.
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