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Title: 結合近場通訊與電子書編輯器之校園應用系統之研究
Study on Campus Application Systems Combined with NFC and EPUB EBook Editors
Authors: 林均翰
Lin, Chun-Han
Kuan-Yu Chen
Keywords: 安卓
Near-field communication
Editing systems
Electronic tags
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近年來科技越來越發達的時代裡,幾乎人人皆有智慧型行動裝置。這些智慧型行動裝置結合無線通訊感應器越發成熟,如iBeacon、WiFi感應、近場通訊等,皆有其優勢與可應用的地方。另外,可結合智慧型行動裝置的電子書相關應用技術在距今約十幾年前開始被重視與開發,透過智慧型行動裝置或不同載具以特定型式之應用來輔助人們發展與閱讀相關應用。目前許多大型出版社對於電子書格式與編輯系統相關應用已逐漸完善,反觀對於一般使用者來說,電子書之編輯與應用系統還相當欠缺。 本研究主要開發結合近場通訊感應器與電子書編輯系統之應用,我們利用EPUB電子書格式標準開發出可以模擬電子書編輯器之網頁與伺服器端之電子書編輯系統。本研究並利用近場通訊感應之原理,結合智慧型行動裝置上之近場通訊感應器,藉由感應電子標籤來讀取標籤內的內容,用以模擬電子書試閱的使用者情境。本研究所提出之系統,在Android平臺上結合近場通訊感應功能來模擬校園生活應用。讓使用者可以利用自己行動閱讀裝置上的近場通訊感測器功能,來感應電子標籤上的內容,並做試閱電子書的動作。藉此模擬使用者的書籍電子化的閱讀情境。而本研究除了可以應用在校園圖書館內的書籍推薦欄,亦可以用在新書發表或活動發布之中。藉由簡單的近場通訊感應的動作而達到快速瀏覽電子資訊內容的目的;然後輔以網頁端的電子書編輯系統模擬編輯電子書的步驟。讓一般使用者也能輕易的製作出電子書籍的內容,並在最後使用模擬電子標籤海報製作的方式,作電子書推薦的呈現,可方便使用者列印出電子標籤海報的內容。
In recent years, more and more advanced in science and technology era, almost everyone has a smart mobile device. These intelligent devices with wireless sensors become more mature, such as iBeacon, WiFi, and near-field communications, has its advantages and can be used in some places. In addition, combining the eBook-related applications of intelligent mobile devices in more than 10 years ago began to be paid attention to, developed, through an intelligent mobile devices or different vehicle to aid people with specific types of applications development and reading applications. In addition, mobile devices can be combined with intelligent e-book related application technology being taken seriously and development dating back approximately ten years ago, through an intelligent mobile devices or different devices to aid people with specific types of applications development and reading applications. Many major publishers for e-book format and editing application system has been gradually improved, in contrast to the general user, the e-books of editing and application system is still quite lacking. This study main in development combined with the near-field communications application of sensors and e-book editing system, we use the EPUB eBook format and eBook standards to develop a system for simulation eBook editor page with server-side web and e-book editing system. This study using the principle of near-field communications sensing, and combined with near-field communication sensor on the smart mobile device, by sensing electronic tags to read the contents of the tag within the e-book preview to simulate user situation. The proposed system, combined with the near-field communications in the Android platform sensor to simulate life application on campus. So that users can take advantage of near-field communication sensor function on its own mobile device to induction of the contents of the electronic tag, and reading ebooks. Thereby user of simulation electronic books reading situation. This study not only can be used in the campus library, the books recommended, but also can be used in the activities of new book published or released. With simple actions induced of near-field communications to achieve a quick electronic information contents of the purpose; then supplemented with the web side of e-book editing system to simulate the steps to edit the e-book. So that regular user can easily make out the contents of an electronic book. And finally, the use of electronic tag poster made a way for e-books recommended presentation, users can easily print out electronic tag poster content.
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