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Title: 多功能動態NFC廣告系統之研究
Multifunctional Dynamic NFC Advertising Systems
Authors: 林均翰
Lin, Chun-Han
Yeh, Yao-Ming
Cheb, Shu-Chun
Keywords: 動態廣告欄
Dynamic ad column
Dynamic near-field communication tag
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 隨著科技的進步,人們的生活習慣也逐漸發生改變。面對當今日新月異的科技洪流和資訊社會的變遷,廣告的方式亦受到巨大的影響,過去以紙本為主的傳統廣告欄逐漸被電子廣告所取代。近年來結合智慧型手機與NFC近場通訊技術興起,正可以提供新型態電子廣告更強大的功能。 本研究嘗試將電視和機上盒以及動態近場通訊標籤結合,讓使用者能夠在看到電視上的廣告後,使用手機應用程式從自己的手機透過動態近場通訊標籤取得完整資訊。本研究並發展多功能動態的廣告模組,包括圖片、影片、連接外部網址、報名系統、投票系統、問卷系統等。透過這些模組功能,讓使用者由手機取得廣告的完整資訊後,不只是接收資訊,還可以使用手機處理填寫資料並和上述系統進行互動。除此之外,本研究並發展此多功能動態近場通訊廣告欄系統的資料分析功能,讓廣告管理者能夠直接由後台管理廣告,並取得廣告的播放次數,以及使用者讀取次數和追蹤人數等。透過本系統的創新電子廣告模式,可以將傳統單調的推播式電子廣告擴充為具有強大互動功能的廣告應用系統,並可應用於智慧校園與智慧城市之中。
As technology advances, people's habits have gradually changed. The face of rapid changes of today's information society technological flood, the advertising trend has been gradually influenced from the traditional paper-based advertising to electronic billboards advertising. In recent years, the rise of smartphones and NFC (near field communication) technologies has offered a more powerful new type electronic advertising approach. This study attempts to combine TVs and set-top boxes as well as the dynamic NFC tags to establish a new type of electronic advertising system. This system allows users to watch the ads on TV, and then use the application in their smartphones to obtain complete information by tapping the dynamic NFC tag associated with the TV. In addition, the system provides a versatile dynamic advertising module including image, video, external URL, registration system, voting system, survey system. The system allows users to interact with the above mentioned system modules after using their smart phone to tap the dynamic NFC tag associated with the TV. So that users not only can get complete information from their smart phones but also can fill data and interact with various systems including registration, voting and survey systems while watching ads on TV. This study also presents versatile analytic functions that allows managers to manage ads playback features as well as tracking the users behaviors. Our innovated advertising scheme can extend the traditional push-style electronic advertising to a powerful interactive advertising system, which can be applied to smart campus and smart city applications.
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