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Title: 有氧舞蹈訓練對高職輕度智能障礙男生體適能的影響
Authors: 方進隆
Chin-Lung Fang
Shu-Fang Hsieh
Keywords: 輕度智能障礙
Mild Mental Retardation
Aerobic Dance Training
Physical Fitness
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的在探討12週有氧舞蹈訓練課程對高職輕度智能障礙男生在體適能上的影響;並比較探討不同運動方式之訓練課程對高職輕度智能障礙男生在體適能上之差異。本研究對象共計21名(兩校學生),平均年齡為16.4±0.6歲,分成兩組,其中上有氧舞蹈訓練課程組有11名,另一組上一般體育課程組有10名。訓練課程前、後,所有研究對象皆接受體適能要素測驗(心肺適能、肌耐力、肌力、柔軟度及身體質量指數),其中一組上有氧舞蹈訓練課程組接受12週有氧舞蹈訓練課程,以每週三次,每次45分鐘,運動強度設計前六週是以最大心跳率的55%~70%之間,後六週為最大心跳率之70%至80%之間。另一組上一般體育課程組則照該學校課程進度表所編列之課程上課12週。資料處理根據實驗分組後,彙整體適能測驗之數據以SPSS套裝軟體進行統計分析,以相依樣本t考驗分別檢定分析研究兩組經不同運動方式之訓練課程介入後,對於高職輕度智能障礙男生在體適能上之影響,及其在體適能各項變化上有無顯著之差異;並以獨立樣本t考驗分別檢定分析研究不同運動方式之訓練課程的兩組,其之間在體適能前、後測各項變化上有無顯著差異。結果發現:高職輕度智能障礙男生經過12週之有氧舞蹈訓練課程後,在各項體適能項目(心肺適能、肌耐力、肌力、柔軟度及身體質量指數)的測驗中均產生顯著之訓練效果,而達顯著差異 (P<0.05)。測驗結果顯示,上有氧舞蹈訓練課程的各項體適能項目均達顯著差異 (P<0.05);而上一般體育課程組的各項體適能項目均未達顯著差異 (P>0.05)。由上述可據以推論出不同運動方式之訓練課程,其效果對兩校特教班男生在各項體適能項目中的表現有差異。 實施12週有氧舞蹈訓練課程,對高職輕度智能障礙男生體適能的提昇具有正面之訓練效果,較上一般體育課程組的高職輕度智能障礙男生優。
The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 12-week aerobic dance training courses on physical fitness of industrial high school male students with mild mental retardation. The subjects of this study consist of 21 industrial high school students, average age=16.4 ±0.6 years, with mild mental retardation. Eleven students had received aerobic dance training and the other 10 students took general physical education (3 days per week). Before and after the experiment, all of the students were asked to take the physical fitness tests, including cardiorespiratory endurance; muscular fitness; flexibility and body composition. The aerobic dance training course was conducted 3 days per week, 45 minutes each day and lasted for 12 weeks. The exercise intensity was set at 55-70% of and 70-80% max heart rate of first 6 weeks and later 6 weeks, respectively. The collected data was analyzed with t-test, and the results were as followed: 1.After 12-week aerobic dance exercise, the students who have taken aerobic dance training courses improve significantly in their physical fitness, including 1600 run and walk; sit up; standing long jump; sit and reach and body mass index. (p<0.05) However, the students taking general physical education do not have significant improvement in their physical fitness. (p>0.05). 2.The items of physical fitness of students receiving aerobic dance training courses are better than those of students taking general course. However, there was no significant difference between two groups. The results show that the 12-week aerobic dance training courses of industrial high school male students with mild mental retardation have positive effects on their physical fitness.
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