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Title: 特殊奧林匹克運動會訓練對智能障礙者體適能及職業能力的影響
The Effects of Special Olympics Training on the Physical Fitness and Vocational Ability of the High School Students with Mental Retardation
Authors: 方進隆
Chin-Lung Fang
Yao-Chou Chuang
Keywords: 體適能
Physical Fitness
Vocational Ability
Mental Retardation
Special Olympic training
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究之目的在探討智能障礙者參加特殊奧林匹克運動會前後:體適能之差異和職業能力之差異。高職職能班學生四十名為研究對象,分成七組,參加為期六週的特殊奧林匹克運動會賽前訓練不同項目,每週訓練頻率:4次;每次持續時間:50分,於訓練前後接受「教育部體適能」及「國立北門農工學生職業能力」檢測。 所得資料以t考驗和單因子變異數分析比較後結果如下:(一)各運動項目的強度在最大心跳率85~60%,依序為游泳、田徑、羽球、保齡球、滾球、桌球。(二)訓練後受試者的體適能(身體質量指數、一分鐘仰臥起坐、坐姿體坐姿體前彎、男1600公尺和女800公尺跑走及立定跳遠)皆有進步(p<.05),高強度訓練項目有較佳訓練效果。(三)職業能力的三十一個檢核項目中,有十六個達顯著差異(p<.05)。 六週特殊奧林匹克運動會不同項目訓練,可改善高中職智能障礙學生體適能和半數的職業能力。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the training effects of the special Olympic on the physical fitness and vocational ability of the students in the senior high school with mental retardation (MR). Forty students with MR who attended Special Olympic for 6 weeks of training were divided into seven training groups. The 6 weeks special Olympic training program consisted of 4 times a week, 50 minutes training each time. The pre and post test data of the Ministry of Education Physical Fitness Test Battery and the National Pei-Men high school of Vocational ability were collected, and the t-test and one way ANOVA was used to analyze and compare the differences of these variables. The results obtained from this research were followed: 1, the training intensities of the different items ranged from 60 to 85% Maximal heart rate: swimming>track and field>badminton>bowling>bocce>table tennis. 2, the physical fitness (sit and reach, one minute sit up, standing long jump, body mass index and 1600/800 meter run and walk) of each items were significantly improved after training (p<.05). 3, the 16 of the 32 items of vocational ability were significantly improved after training. The 6 weeks of Special Olympic training had positive effects of physical fitness and most of the items of vocational ability of senior high school students with MR.
Other Identifiers: N2003000019
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