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Title: 國中體育課實施個人與社會責任模式之學生經驗
Students’ Experience throughout Implementing Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model in Junior High School Physical Education
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-Wei
Yan, Wan-Ping
Keywords: TPSR單元教學
TPSR unit teaching
experienced curriculum
student perspectives
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 個人與社會責任模式 (teaching personal and social responsibility, TPSR) 在美國學者Hellison的發展與推廣,近年來成為體育課程與教學研究領域的新興關注焦點。本研究旨在探討國中學生在體育課實施TPSR單元教學,從學生對經驗的主觀詮釋,反映課程實施的情形,進一步探討課程實施的可行性。研究參與者為新北市某國中八年級一個班級的學生,實施22節,每節45分鐘 (共990分鐘)。在資料蒐集與分析上,以攝影記錄學生的學習過程,蒐集每堂課的學習單,與學生進行訪談,並將訪談與學習單內容進行質性資料分析。研究結果顯示學生經驗內容包括責任行為、責任認知、運動技能學習、運動認知、班級運作、小組運作、師生互動、課堂安排、課程態度等主題;結論為學生的責任行為並不會按照責任層及漸進的發展,而是易受情境的影響,教師可設計多元的情境,讓學生嘗試能在各種情境中都能展現出正向的負責行為;教師的教與學生的學之間容易產生較大的鴻溝,教師須放慢步調,等待學生跟上學習;時間不足是體育課實施TPSR課程需克服的挑戰。
With development and promotion by the American scholars Hellison, personal and social responsibility model (teaching personal and social responsibility, TPSR) has become the new focus of the physical education curriculum and teaching and research fields in recent years. This study aimed to explore students’ experiences during the implementation of TPSR unit teaching in junior high school physical education from the students’ subjective interpretation, reflecting the situation of curriculum implementation, to further explore the feasibility of curriculum implementation. Participants were a class of students in eighth grade in New Taipei City, totally 22 periods, each period was 45 minutes (990 minutes). Data collected with student worksheet and interview, and recorded every class, and then using qualitative method to analyze the data. The results showed that student experiences including responsibility behavior, cognition of responsibility, motor skill learning, sport cognition, class operation, group operation, teacher-student interaction, class arrangement, curriculum attitude. Finally, it was concluded that the responsible behavior of students and not in accordance with the responsibilities layer and progressive development, but vulnerable to the impact of the situation, teachers can design multiple scenarios for students to try in a variety of situations can show positive responsible behavior; between teachers in the teaching and learning of students learning prone than divide, teachers will be required to slow down the pace, waiting for the students to keep up with the learning; lack of time was a challenge should be overcome when implementing TPSR in school physical education.
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