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Title: 大專普通體育教師教學反省之個案研究
A Case Study of University Teachers' Reflection on Teaching Physical Education
Authors: 掌慶維
Ching-Wei Chang
Li, Yun-jie
Keywords: 大學
physical education teacher
teaching in physical education
teaching reflection
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 教學反省是體育教師教學專業成長的重要途徑,然而國內體育教學反省研究主要以中小學體育教師為對象,大專體育教師層級之研究仍相當缺乏。因此,本研究旨在瞭解大專體育教師實施普通體育課程之教學反省情形,進一步與目前國內所做有關中小學體育教師教學反省研究之結果做比較。本研究以兩位教授普通體育課程之教師為研究參與者,採用觀察、訪談進行資料蒐集,並以質性歸納法進行分析。研究結果顯示大專體育教師對教學反省持正向態度;教學反省的內容包含「教師本身」、「學生表現」、「教師教學」、「班級經營」、「學校環境」、「政策與制度」等六方面的反省,大專體育教師之反省內容集中在「學生表現」與「教師教學」兩個方面,「班級經營」及「政策與制度」的反省上則相對較少;大專體育教師教學反省內容集中在對「教學」及「學生」方面的反省,雖然比例比其他層級教師為高,但B教師有明顯差異、A教師則無。
Teaching reflection is an important method for PE teacher to develop their profession. However, the studies in domestic teaching research are mainly targeted at primary and secondary school PE teachers, and the university-level study of PE teachers is still quite scarce. Thus, the purpose of the study was to understand the teaching reflection of university PE teachers during implementing general physical education curriculum, and compare the results with the past domestic studies related to teaching reflection of primary and secondary PE teachers. Two PE teachers who delivering general PE curriculum at the university level were purposively selected in the study. Data were collected primarily by means of observation and interview, and analyzed by inductive analysis. Results indicated that university PE teachers had positive attitudes toward teaching reflection; teaching reflection contained the teachers themselves, student performance, teaching, classroom management, school environment and policy and system. University PE teachers’ teaching reflection stressed more on student performance and teaching, but classroom management and policy and system was relatively less; although university PE teachers reflected more on teaching and student than those PE teachers in the primary and secondary school level, the significant differences was from teacher B, instead of teacher A.
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