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Title: 12週跑走訓練對老年女性體適能與認知執行控制之影響
Effects of 12-Week Walk-Jogging Training on Physical Fitness and Cognitive Executive Control of Female Elderly
Authors: 方進隆
Fang, Chin-Lung
Keywords: 老年人
aerobic training
physical fitness
cognitive function
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 目的:本研究目的探討12週跑走運動訓練對無規律運動習慣老年女性體適能與認知執行控制之影響。方法: 以21位健康無規律運動的女性老年人(平均年齡67.52 ± 2.44歲)為研究對象,隨機分配在訓練組(12名)與控制組(9名),訓練組接受每週三次,每次30分鐘,運動強度為保留心跳率40-60%的跑走訓練,對照組則維持原本生活習慣,所有受試者於12週前後分別接受YMCA電動負載腳踏車推估最大攝氧量、功能性體適能評估肌力、肌耐力、柔軟度、敏捷/動態平衡、2分鐘踏步走,以及認知執行控制Erikson Flanker測驗,所得資料以混合設計二因子變異數分析(p<.05)。結果:在12週訓練後,老年人的體適能與認知執行控制皆顯著進步(P<.05), 包括最大攝氧量(前測15.55 ± 3.26 ml/kg/min;後測19.15 ± 3.92 ml/kg/min、2分鐘踏步(前測133.67 ± 30.64次;後測143.67 ± 27.65次)、上肢柔軟度(前測1.96 ± 5.43cm;後測3.25 ± 5.25 cm)、上肢肌力(前測12.58 ± 2.02次;後測14.42 ± 1.62次)、下肢肌力(前測11.58 ± 2.31次;後測13.50 ± 3.26 次)、敏捷/動態平衡(前測 7.62 ± 1.54s;後測7.24±1.17s)、認知功能一致性(前測438.26 ± 56.12ms;後測408.64 ± 43.54ms)和認知功能不一致性(前測462.58 ± 67.36ms;後測 432.50 ± 50.04ms),訓練組的上肢肌力與認知執行控制也顯著優於控制組(P<.05)。認知執行控制與兩分鐘踏步有相關(P<.05)。結論:12週跑走訓練可改善無規律運動習慣老年女性的功能性體適能與認知執行控制能力。
Objectives : The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 12-week walk- jogging aerobics training on physical fitness and cognitive executive control of female elderly. Methods : Twenty-two healthy sedentary female elderly (average age was 67.52 ± 2.44 yr) were recruited as subjects and randomly assigned to training group (12 subjects) and control group (9 subjects). The training group subjects were received walk-jogging training, 3 times per week, 30 minutes each session for 12 week with moderate intensity of 40-60% of heart rate reserved; while the control group had maintained the routine lifestyle without training. All the subjects were received the YMCA cycle ergometer test (predicted VO2max), functional physical fitness (cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, body composition, flexibility, and balance and agility) and cognitive executive control test with Erikson Flanker test before and after training. The collected data were analyzed with two-way mixed ANOVA . Results : after 12 week of walk-jogging training, the physical fitness and cognitive function of the training group were significantly improved (p<.05), including the predicted VO2 max ( pre 15.55 ± 3.26 v.s post 19.15 ± 3.92 ml/kg/min), 2 min step ( pre 133.67 ± 30.64 v.s post 143.67 ± 27.65 times), upper arm flexibility (pre 1.96 ± 5.43 v.s post 3.25 ± 5.25 cm), upper-muscular strength (pre 12.58 ± 2.02 v.s post 14.42 ± 1.62 times), lower-muscular strength (pre 11.58 ± 2.31 v.s post 13.50 ± 3.26 times), balance and agility (pre 7.62 ± 1.54 v.s post 7.24 ± 1.17 sec), and cognitive executive control test (consistency: pre 438.26 ± 56.12 ms v.s post 408.64 ± 43.54 ms; inconsistency: pre 462.58 ± 67.36 ms v.s post 432.50 ± 50.04 ms). The upper muscular endurance and cognitive function of training group were significantly better than that of control group (p<.05).The 2-minute step performance was correlated significantly with cognitive executive control. Conclusions : 12-week walk-jogging training can improve the physical fitness and cognitive executive control of female elderly.
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