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Title: 臺灣衝浪運動參與者動機與現況之研究
A study of the motivation and current development of surfing participants in Taiwan
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Fu, Siao-Han
Keywords: 衝浪
surfing participants
participating motivation
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   本研究旨在探討臺灣衝浪運動參與者在人口統計變項、參與動機、活動特性及衝浪場域選擇之喜好,並比較不同人口統計變項之衝浪運動參與者其參與動機差異與選擇衝浪場域喜好之相關情形,研究結果可做為國內衝浪業者、海洋運動發展單位、衝浪參與者及一般民眾瞭解臺灣衝浪現況之參考依據,並可做為未來發展衝浪運動策略之參考。本研究結果如下:一、臺灣衝浪運動參與者以男性、年齡介於20~29歲、職業主要以學生和工商業者為最多、個人每月所得在30,000~49,999元、教育程度為大學及居住在北部的民眾為多數。二、衝浪參與者近二年內最常去的地點以「頭城烏石港」為最多,其次依序為「墾丁佳樂水」及「金山沙珠灣」。而衝浪參與者最喜歡的地點同樣以「頭城烏石港」為最多,其次依序為「墾丁佳樂水」及「台中大安」。三、不同年齡、教育程度以及居住地的臺灣衝浪運動參與者在參與動機上有顯著差異存在。四、臺灣衝浪運動參與者選擇最常去的衝浪場域與性別、年齡、每月所得及居住地有顯著相關。而臺灣衝浪運動參與者之性別、每月所得及居住地與選擇最喜歡的衝浪場域上有顯著相關。
The purpose of this research was to understand characteristics of demographis and activities, participating motivation and field preferences of surfing participants in Taiwan. In addition, Differences in participating motivation among participants with diverse demographics was analyzed. Relations of demographics with field preferences were also analyzed. The results of this study were expected to be references for the surfing industry and the marine development department in Taiwan, surfing participants and the public in order to offer information about surfing in Taiwan and to promote the development of surfing. The results were as following : (1)The main surfing participants in Taiwan were males, aged 20 to 29 years with average income between $30,000 and 49,000 NTD. The majority were students or working in commerciall and industrial sectors, had a bachelor’s degree and lived in northern Taiwan. (2)In the past two years, top three surfing fields participants visited most were “Tou Cheng Wushih Harbor”, ”Kenting Jialeshuei” and ”Chinshan”. Top three favorite surfing fields were “Tou Cheng Wushih Harbor”, “Kenting Jialeshuei” and “Taichung Daan”. (3)Significant differences were found in participating motivation of participants with diverse demographics. (4)Gender, age, average income and habitation were related to surfing fields participants visited and liked most.
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