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Title: 臺北市國中生游泳課參與之阻礙因素探討
The constraints of swimming class participation in Taipei junior high school student
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang Ching-Wei
Chang Chia-Yu
Keywords: 游泳課
swimming class
swimming competency
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討臺北市國中生游泳課參與之阻礙因素,以瞭解學生在游泳課的參與中遭遇到哪些阻礙,進而提出改善之策略。研究對象以臺北市立國中98學年度第二學期在籍學生為主。研究方法主要以量為主質為輔的方式進行問卷調查與訪談,問卷調查主要目的在了解學生游泳課參與的阻礙因素,及背景變項與阻礙構面間的差異情形;在訪談的部分,主要在瞭解阻礙因素的發生原因為何。研究結果發現:(一)臺北市國中生游泳能力以能游25公尺以上最多,對游泳課之喜好程度以感覺還好為主,而課後僅有23%的學生將持續參與游泳運動。(二)阻礙因素前五項依序由高至低為:氣候因素、游泳池的消毒藥水味、上課練習游泳的時間太短、游泳池沒有提供清潔用品、游泳池的水質不佳;阻礙構面以結構性阻礙最高,其次為個體內阻礙與人際間阻礙。(三)在背景變項中性別與游泳能力,在結構性阻礙、個體內阻礙與人際間阻礙皆達顯著差異;年級在結構性阻礙達顯著差異;父親教育程度則在人際間阻礙達顯著差異;母親教育程度則在結構性阻礙、個體內阻礙與人際間阻礙皆未達顯著差異。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the major constraints of swimming class in junior high school student in Taipei city. The participants were mainly from the 2nd semester of 2009’s junior high school students in Taipei city, a likert scale questionnaire and interview were used for data collection. The results indicated that (1) 25 meters swimming competency assessment was attainable for the most of students at junior high school in Taipei city, student’s perception of swimming class was just fairly, and only 23% students were willing to participate in swimming activity during after school time; (2) The top five constraints from high to low were the climate factor, the flavor of disinfectant, the duration time for swimming class was too short, lack of washing/cleaning logistics, and the bad quality of water; The constructed constraint factors were, from high to low, structural constraints, intrapersonal constraints, and interpersonal constraints; (3) There was a significant difference between structural constraint in grades. The level of father’s educational background showed significant difference in interpersonal constraint, however the level of mother’s educational background didn’t show the significant difference in structural constraint, intrapersonal constraint and interpersonal constraint.
Other Identifiers: GN0697300077
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