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Title: 主動及被動羽球殺球動作之運動學分析
Kinematic analysis of active and passive badminton forehand smashes
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Chien-Lu Tsai
Yu-Ta Chen
Keywords: 生物力學
forehand smash
Stretch-shortening cycle
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究目的在於比較主動與被動之羽球正拍殺球動作在運動學上的差異。實驗對象為十名大專男子甲組羽球選手,利用Vicon Motion Capture System (250Hz) 擷取選手殺球時的運動學資料。所得的參數透過SPSS 15.0版統計套裝軟體計算,以魏可遜(Wilcoxon)配對符號等級檢定之無母數統計分析,進行主動及被動正拍殺球之運動學參數比較,統計水準設為α= .05。研究結果發現:主動式殺球的球速較快,能掌握較佳撃球點與較有利的重心移動;而被動殺球的動作時間較短。兩種殺球動作由於身體姿勢的不同,造成了擊球位置有所差異,主動殺球的擊球位置在身體前面;被動殺球則偏身體右側。關節除腕關節的橈曲的角速度外,其他皆是主動殺球比較快,此外從角速度值發現,上肢動作以肩部內轉動作的角速度最大,腕部的角速度則以前臂內旋動作為最大。主動式殺球有較快的軀幹旋轉,同時更能運用牽張反射原理,充分利用身體動量撃球。因此,打法上主動式殺球能製造較佳的殺球效果,被動式殺球則適合短時間內的快速進攻。
The purpose of this study was to compare the kinematics variables of active and passive badminton forehand smashes. Ten male badminton first level collegiate players were served as the subjects. Ten Vicon MX-13+ cameras (Vicon, Oxford, UK, 250Hz) were used to record the 3D kinematic data and computed by Vicon Nexus 1.3 system. The nonparametric statistical test of the Wilcoxon matched-paired signed-rank test was used to compare the kinematic differences between active and passive forehand smashes at a .05 significant level. The results showed that the initial shuttle velocity during the active smash was greater than the passive smash may due to a better location of contact and the center of gravity (COG) movement, whereas the passive smash performed a shorter movement duration time. There were significant differences between the two smashes in the upper arm angles due to the variation of the posture at striking. Moreover, most of the upper arm angular velocity for the active smash was faster than the passive action. We also found that the internal rotation for the shoulder and the pronation for the wrist were the most important in the two forehand smashes. The trunk with active smash showed greater angular velocity, and seemed to accord with the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) theory. Therefore, active smash can be beneficial to powerful attack and passive smash can be beneficial to instantaneous attack.
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