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Title: 排球不同舉球動作之運動學分析
Kinematical analysis of volleyball setter in different set movement
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Chien-Lu Tsai
Mei-Hsiu Lin
Keywords: 舉球員
quick spike
long shot
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   本研究主要目的是分析四種舉球動作(包括4號位長球、2號位長球、B式快攻以及D式快攻)在運動學的差異。以2部Redlake高速攝影機(125Hz)拍攝七位大專女子排球舉球員舉球動作,經由Kwon 3D影像分析軟體進行處理,將得到參數資料以SPSS 12.0版統計軟體進行統計分析,以無母數弗里曼二因子等級變異數分析來檢定,並使用Excel軟體計算四種動作的事後比較。而女子排球舉球員舉球動作各參數間之相關程度,則以皮爾遜積差相關進行分析,其顯著水準定為α=.05。其結果發現:四種舉球動作中,在觸球球點的垂直高度上,4號位長球明顯低於其他三種舉球高度。在正面或背後舉球動作中,肩關節與踝關節有部份達顯著差異,而肘關節在各組間皆達顯著差異,顯示實驗參與人員舉球動作,肘關節為舉球之關鍵。在球滯手部分,正面舉球動作無論是長球或是平快球都較背後舉球動作的滯手時間短,而相關分析則顯示背後舉球動作2號位長球在球滯手時間與肩、肘、腕關節各組皆呈負相關,而D式快攻則只有腕關節與滯手時間呈負相關。由此得知,舉D式快攻時,肩關節和肘關節並非影響球滯手之時間。
The main purpose of this study was to compare the kinematical differences among the volleyball sets, those were the 4th position long shot, the 2nd position long shot, the B-quick spike movement and the D-quick spike movements. Seven college female volleyball setters were served as the participants. Two Redlake high-speed cameras (125Hz) and Kwon3D image software were used to record and analyze the 3D setting image. The variables were tested by Friedman two-way analysis of variance nonparametric statistical test which was calculated by SPSS 12.0, and the post-hoc comparison was calculated by the Excel software. The correlation of the movements parameters was tested by Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient analysis, the significant levels was set as α = .05. The results were as followed, in the four kinds set up movements, the contact height and the 4th position long shot were significantly lower than the other three set up movements. The front set or back set movement and the elbow joint in each group were significant different. The results showed that the experimental participants set movement, the elbow was the key point. The duration of the ball between contacted and the release, the front set was shorter than the back set. And correlation analysis showed the D-quick spike movement, the wrist join and the duration of the ball between contacted and the release were negatively correlated.
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