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Title: 排球扣球擊球階段擺臂時機與扣球表現之研究分析
An Analysis of Arm Swing Motion and Timing in the Air Spike on Volleyball Movement
Authors: 劉錦璋
Chun-Cheng Liu
Wan-Ting Lin
Keywords: 排球扣球
Volleyball Spike
Range of Motion
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 排球選手扣球之球速快慢將決定選手扣球威力,影響擊球後球速之關鍵因素,主要在於整個擺臂時機與揮臂速度。空中扣球技術是人體失去支點,利用身體肢段維持平衡以完成手臂後拉、轉折、加速揮臂進而完成扣球手臂與身體呈一直線之擊球動作,實為最難掌控之技術動作。因此,本研究目的為探討快攻手與主攻手空中扣球擊球階段擺臂時機、揮臂速度與上身肢段平衡相互協調作用之各項參數。 本研究以十名大專組特優級女子選手(快攻手、主攻手各五人)為受試對象。受試者須完成三次成功扣球次數,以一台Redlake高速攝影機(125Hz)拍攝二度空間之扣球動作,經由Kwon3D影像分析軟體進行處理,將得到參數資料以SPSS 10.0版統計軟體進行統計分析,以獨立樣本t考驗來檢定快攻手與主攻手在擊球階段所得參數資料之差異顯著性,統計水準定為α=.05。 本研究主要結論為:一、快攻手向後引臂動作時間百分比小於向前揮臂動作時間百分比,卻能以較快揮臂速度爭取擊球時機,並且可以在最佳位置擊到球體。二、快攻手與主攻手手臂轉折及向前揮臂擊球有效動作空間趨於接近。三、快攻手與主攻手扣球手臂各關節能有效參與作用時機,關節速度亦能依次增加,此動作符合動力鏈傳遞原理。四、快攻手與主攻手扣球手臂能以屈臂式擊球方式完成扣球動作,但是非慣用手肘關節角度變化量達顯著差異,顯示主攻手在非慣用手之運用情形優於快攻手。
The speed of the volleyball spikes decides the power of the spikes. The key factor which affects the speed of hitting a ball mainly is based on the entire pendulum arm opportunity with to wield the arm speed. The technical of airborne spikes is that human body loses the pivot and utilizes the balance of body segments in the air to complete back-swing, turn-swing, and forward-swing and further complete spike arm and the body assumes a straight line when hitting a ball. It’s most difficult point of technical segment to control. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the parameters of the inter-coordination of suspend the arm opportunity, speed of wielding arm and the balance of upper body segment of the ace attack player and quick attack player. Ten elite college volleyball athletes, 5 ace attack players and 5 quick attack players, are selected as observation objects. The examinees have to complete 3 successful spikes. A camera (Redlake 125Hz) was used to film two dimensions of spikes and a software (Kwon 3D) was adopted for analysis. Data were analyzed using SPSS 10.0. The research takes individual sample “t test” to accumulate and analyze the data correlations of the parameters of the hitting a ball of the ace attack players and quick attack players. The main conclusion of this study is as following: A. The percentage of timing action demonstrates that back-swing is lower that forward-swing, but using the faster swing speed to get the hitting timing and hit the ball at the best point. B. The air spike of turn-swing and forward-swing action demonstrates that the effective action space tends to close. C. The various articulations of swing arm could have function opportunity effectively and the articulations speed also can increase in turn. This action conforms to Kinetics Chain Theory. D. Both spiking arms could complete the spike actions by crooking the arm but the variation of elbow articulation angles of non-dominant hand reaches the significant level, demonstrates that the using of non-dominant hand of ace attack players surpasses quick attack players.
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