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Title: 中國男子籃球聯賽現場觀眾體驗品質對 忠誠度影響之研究-以北京金隅隊為例
A Study of the Effect of Chinese Basketball Association League Spectators' Experience Quality toward Loyalty Intention --Taking Beijing Jinyu Team as an Example
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Liu, Zhan
Keywords: CBA
experience quality
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討CBA現場觀眾體驗品質對忠誠度之影響關係。採用抽樣調查的方式, 於2014年1月至2014年2月在北京金隅隊主場,北京首鋼籃球館內進行現場問卷調查,以 進入北京首鋼籃球館之現場觀眾為研究對象,共得有效樣本數400份,所得資料經描述 性統計、獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析、迴歸分析進行資料分析後,得知本研究 結果為:一、CBA現場觀眾以19-28歲之男性大學生為主要族群,月收入在2,000元人民 幣以下,且過去與未來賽季前往現場觀看CBA球賽的頻率為每月1-2次,體驗品質與忠 誠度得分皆為正向評價。二、CBA現場觀眾之「性別」、「年齡」、「職業」、「學歷」、「個人平均月收入」、「過去賽季中前往現場觀看CBA球賽的頻率」及「未來賽季中前往現場觀看CBA球賽的頻率」等變項在體驗品質上有顯著差異。三、CBA現場觀眾體驗品質之「性別」變項對忠誠度有顯著差異。四、CBA現場觀眾體驗品質對忠誠度具有預測力,以「沈浸體驗」預測能力最強。本研究據研究結果提出以下建議:一、北京金隅隊應根據女性觀眾設計相關行銷方式來吸引更多現場觀眾。二、應針對學生族群製定相關票價及行銷方式。三、建議通過中場遊戲等方式與觀眾進行互動。四、應增加球隊球員現場 與觀眾互動機會,以提高現場觀眾之忠誠度。
This study purposed to examine the effect of Chinese Basketball Association League spectators' experience quality toward loyalty intention. Field questionnaire surveys were administered through sample survey to the spectators presented at the home games of Beijing Jingyu team in Beijing Shougang basketball stadium from January to February in 2014, 400 valid samples collected in total. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics, independent sample t-test, one-way ANOVA and regression analysis and the results of this study were as followed. 1. The major audience for CBA games falls in the group of 19-28 years old, male college students who have monthly income less than RMB 2,000 yuan and manage to watch CBA live games once or twice a month in the past or in the future seasons. Scores of spectators' experience quality and loyalty intention indicated as positive evaluation.2. Significant differences exist in “experience quality” when it comes to variables about the features of the CBA spectators, such as gender, age, profession, education, average monthly income and frequency of watching live games in the past or in the future. 3. Significant differences exist in “loyalty intention” when thinking of gender of the CBA spectators. 4.Features of CBA spectators' experience quality possess a predictive power on loyaltyintention, among which “flow experience” has the strongest one. Following proposals are made based on the investigation results. First, special marketing methods should be adopted by Beijing Jingyu Team to attract more female audience to watch games. Second, ticket price and specific marketing system should be formulated based on the demand and practical need of college students. Third, the cheer leader performance is suggested to change to other types of interaction with audience like half-time games. Lastly, players should be given more chances to interact with spectators so as to improve their loyalty.
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