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Title: 問題導向學習應用於高中體育課之行動研究
An Action Research of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in High-School Physical Education Lessons.
Authors: 林靜萍
LIN, Ching-Ping
YANG, Hsin-Chun
Keywords: 問題導向學習
Problem-Based Learning
Basketball learning
Thinking ability
Learning experience
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究指在以行動研究的方式,探討問題導向學習實施於高中二年級籃球課中,學生對體育課看法及策略思考的轉變,與實施過程中課程設計會面臨的阻礙與因應策略,最後以教學反思促進研究者的教師專業成長。研究者於臺北市立玉米高中學校擔任體育教師,班級人數41人,由於年資僅1.5年,在教學經驗上仍不足夠,而面臨學生學習動機低落問題無法獲得良好的改善。因此以1986年Howard Barrows所創的問題導向學習 (Problem-Based Learning, PBL),透過小組討論與自我導向學習的方式,培養學生批判思考與問題解決能力,進而提升學習動機,除了獲得體育知識與技能以外,也培養學生終身運動習慣,以達我國當前體育教育目標。設計15堂課的行動方案,以3名研究觀察員、錄影、訪談、問題討論單、學習心得、反省札記等方式蒐集資料。研究結果發現學生在PBL課程中思考能力獲得提升,對體育課的感受也明顯受到改善。課程阻礙實施困境有小組討論情形、問題情境設計、小組比賽情形、小組分享情形與身體活動量問題,透過不斷的調整教師觀念與課程設計,亦能逐一列舉出解決策略。本研究建議未來可進一步探討體育課學生思考能力的歷程及其影響因素及思維轉變到行動的主要因素為何。另外,建議欲實施PBL的體育教師,可在實施前先對以學生為中心的教學理念有初步的認識,並組成PBL教師團隊以利教學計畫之完善。
This research is based on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to explore how senior high school students’ viewpoint of basketball class after the implementation of Problem-Based Learning and their strategic thinking in the face with upcoming obstacles. During the implementation process, the researcher will encounter the hindrance related to teaching, which helps the researcher reflect teaching and strength their expertise.The researcher serves as a physical education teacher in YuMi Senior High School. The class size is 41 students. Due to 1.5 years teaching seniority, this indicates the insufficient teaching experience causes students to lack motivation in learning and cannot be better improved. Hence, acording PBL made available via 15 lessons, observation, filmmaking, interview, questionnaires and students reflection. The result issued that students’ thinking ability has been upgraded in PBL course curriculum. They have strong sense of recognition of physical education. To conquer the barriers of this teaching methodology, group discussion, content-based instruction, group competition are solution addressed. Through endless curriculum design and conceptual change for the adaption, teachers are able to enumerate a series solution to the problems. This research suggests what are factors and motivation behind to influence students’ thinking and behaviors. Additionally, If PBL strategies is going to be exercised, teachers should be aware of student-oriented teaching notion and form a PBL group to further teaching performance.
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