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Title: 新北市學校柔道教練工作壓力來源與因應策略
The Stress Sources of New Taipei City Schools Judo Coaches and Coping Strategies
Authors: 楊梓楣
Yang, Chih-Mei
Hsiao, Yu-Ting
Keywords: 柔道教練
Judo coach
Working stress
Coping strategies
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 台灣競技運動尚未全然產業化之際,柔道教練往往必須身兼數職,以致教練壓力集於一身,且是一種長時期身心皆處於高度壓力的狀態,其來源與因應策略為何,實需進一步的被探究,提供教練們最好的協助。本研究主要針對新北市學校柔道教練工作壓力來源與因應策略進行探究,藉由教練本身觀點,來發崛出造成他們產生工作壓力的原因,以及個人因應策略又有哪些?其調適過程為何?又有那些外在助力適時介入?本研究採質性研究,以深度訪談法為主,輔以文獻分析等方式蒐集資料,再將所蒐集的資料加以分析與整理,結果發現,受訪者目前均感受到工作壓力。工作壓力現況大多為:1.身兼行政職無法專心於柔道教練工作。2.工作時間過長。3.選手表現不如預期。新北市學校柔道教練工作壓力來源為:自我本身要求;外界要求達成與否;選手成績及家庭責任。 綜合研究結果提出結論與建議:新北市學校柔道教練的壓力源主要為:1.柔道教練學校角色與任務混淆。2.柔道教練柔道專業不受肯定。3.柔道教練壓力無法受到學校、家庭的支持與關懷。其因應策略為:1.自我轉移(如運動或休息等…)。2.尋求社會資源。3.溝通及協調等。最後本研究提出下列建議:1.公務人員每週最低工作時數,必須考慮適用工作性質。2.加強社會支持,以增強學校柔道教練對壓力之因應。3加強學校柔道教練之獎勵,來達到激勵的目的。
As the time of sports in Taiwan has not been industrialized completely, judo coaches often have to wear many hats at the same time. It’s a long-term status that coaches under such a high pressure of body and mind, and it’s also a burden that coaches have to bear all the responsibilities. And there really are some necessaries to find out where the pressure sources are and what the coping strategies are to help the coaches to deal with their working pressure. The purpose of this study is to investigate the stress sources of New Taipei City school judo coaches and their coping strategies. With the point of views of the coaches themselves, the researcher wants to find out the reasons that cause New Taipei City school judo coaches working pressure, coping strategies, the processes of adaptation, and the external help. Qualitative research and in-depth interview were employed in this study. This study showed that all the interviewees were under some stresses including multiple roles between coaches and school administrators made them couldn’t focus on coaching athletes, working over time, the results of competitions departed from expectations.The stress sources of New Taipei City school judo coaches are setting self-goal too high, unfulfilled social expectation, and the grades of competitions and family responsibilities. The conclusion of this study were as follows: 1.New Taipei City school judo coaches are under stress because of three reasons. (a)The role of the coaches conflicted with that of the administrators.(b)Coaches’ professional capabilities had not been valued highly. (c)Coaches had not been supported and did not get enough consideration from school and family. 2. Coping strategies included self-transformed such as getting enough exercise and rest, looking for social resources, and making communications and coordination. Finally, the study makes the following recommendations: 1. Public servants’ minimum working hours per week must be considered suitable for the nature of the work. 2. It is better to strengthen social support to enhance the school judo coaches coping pressure 3. It is better to strengthen the incentives of the school judo coaches to achieve the purpose of motivating.
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