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Title: 公立高中(職)體育科教師甄選方式與專業能力之研究
The Study of Recruitment Method and Professional Skills ofeneral and Vocational High School Physical Education Teacher
Authors: 林靜萍
Ching-Ping Lin
Keywords: 高中職體育科
general and vocational high school physical education
teacher recruitment
recruitment method
professional skill
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解近五年全國公立高中(職)體育科教師甄選現況,對教師專業能力需求、新進教師專業能力表現符合程度以及對教師甄選方式實施之看法。以自編之「公立高中(職)體育科教師甄選方式與專業能力量表」為研究工具,以全國公立高中(職)體育組長為研究對象進行施測,計發出問卷283份,回收有效問卷228份,回收率80.5 %。所得資料以平均數、標準差、單因子變異數分析進行統計分析,研究結論如下: 一、目前教師甄選作業以學校自行辦理為主,甄聘專長教師佔有一定比例,甄選方式朝向多樣化,但以筆試、試教、口試為主;近年來甄選方式略有變化,增設 術科測驗比例提高,口試甄選方式減少,但筆試仍為初試首重關卡,進入複試 之關鍵。 二、體育教師專業能力需求程度以「精神態度與信念」需求最高,經由教師甄選甄聘之新進教師其專業能力表現良好,且不因甄選方式不同而有差異。 三、多數體育組長認為,體育科教師甄選應包含筆試、試教、口試、資料審查、術科測驗等甄選方式;因考量甄選作業流程及公平性問題,不同甄選方式在不同階段有其適切性;甄選成績偏重應試教師實務與技能表現,佔總成績比例依序為:試教、術科測驗、筆試及口試、資料審查。
The purpose of this study was to understand the recruitment of general and vocational high school physical education teachers in Taiwan in the past five years in terms of the requirement of teacher’s professional skills, new teachers’ performance and the methods of teacher selection.Using a questionnaire designed by the researcher called “The recruiting method and professional skill meter of general and vocational high school physical education teacher,” This study distributed 283 copies to the physical education administrators of general and vocational high schools in Taiwan. A total of 228 copies were answered and returned. The recovery rate is 80.5%. The data received were analyzed by average, standard deviation and single factor variance analysis. The results of the study are as follows: 1.So far teacher recruitment is held by the school. There is a certain percentage to recruit teachers with professional skills. The recruitment method becomes diversified; however, it mostly depends on a written test, teaching demonstration, and an oral test. Recently, there is a slight change in teacher recruitment method, that is, professional skill tests increase while oral tests decrease. Written tests are still the most important for screening applicants at the first stage, and it is also the key to the second step screening. 2.Among professional skills of physical education teachers, most schools emphasize the teacher’s attitude and faith. Those new teachers recruited have excellent professional performance, and will not be affected by different teacher screening and selection methods. 3.Most administrators of school physical education departments think that physical education teacher recruitment should include a written test, teaching demonstration, an oral test, a qualification review and a special skill test. Considering teacher recruitment procedures and fairness, and the necessity of various screening and selection methods at different stages, these administrators believed that teacher screening and selection should emphasize teachers’ teaching and professional skills. In their opinions, teaching demonstration takes up the highest proportion of the total score, followed by the special skill test, the written test, the oral test, and qualification review which takes up the lowest proportion of the total score.
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