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Title: 國中體育課合作學習之課堂教學研究
Authors: 掌慶維
Keywords: 合作學習
cooperative learning
physical education classes
learning community
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究以課堂教學研究方式進行,旨在透過教師協作方式,將合作學習策略融入於體育課,探討教學現場所面臨的問題與困境,從中探討因應策略與方法,最後做出教學省思而促進教師專業成長,提出建議以供後續研究與教學之參考。研究主要以質性研究為方法,透過問題解決學習單、教師日誌與教學現場錄影資料內容、觀察紀錄進行質性資料蒐集。以學生小組成就區分法、小組遊戲競賽法及各教學策略,依據學生學習情形,進行9週共18節體育課。本研究所得結論:一、教學現場所遭遇問題及提出因應策略可分成合作學習認知、異質性分組學習表現、小組討論學習表現、小組遊戲競賽表現、課堂目標設定及時間掌控等五大層面。二、教師省思與成長可分為體育課堂教學研究實施合作學習之省思、教師成長等兩大部分。本研究建議:一、在教學項目選擇上,建議一個單元運動項目能夠實施四至六週時間。二、組成多元協作教師專業社群,共同進行課程的研擬與安排等。
The studyaimed, through the lesson study,toexplorethe obstacles anddifficulties of implementining the Cooperative Learning in Physical Education(CL-PE)class. Cooperatingteachers were constructed foranalyzing the PE lessons through in-class teaching situations. Qualitative methodwasadoptedfor data collection, including working sheets, teaching logs, and video recordings. 18 PE lessons were conducted during 9 weeks through student team’sachievement divisionsand teams-games-tourament strategies according to individual learning. Conclusion was as follows:1. 5dimensions of obstacles were confronted while implementing the CL-PE, for example, cooperative learning recognition, heterogeneous grouping learning performances,studentlearning groups in the classroom, teams-games-tourament, assessment action plans and time control;2. Teachers reflection and development can be divided into 2 parts: The reflection of CL-PE classes as well as teachers development. Future suggestions were also porposed: 1. Building anundergoingmotor item from 4 to 6weeks; 2. PE Teachers professional communitycan be build so as to investigate and plan theprogram.
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