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Title: 2010世界盃女子拔河冠軍隊選手起步動作之動力學分析
Dynamical analysis of Tug of War break movement by 2010 Women's World Cup champion team players
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Tsai, Chien-Lu
Weng, Tzu-Jay
Keywords: 八人制拔河
eight system tug of war
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討2010世界盃女子拔河冠軍隊選手起步動作之動力學分析。我們對於起步動作(起動、下蹲、推蹬) 3個時期左右腳之間的差異感到興趣。透過10部Vicon MX13+ System紅外線高速攝影機(250Hz)紀錄3D運動學數據,並以Vicon Nexus 1.6.1軟體進行運算。動力學數據是由2塊Kistler 9281測力板(1000Hz)所收集,並利用Excel軟體計算。所有的變量,以無母數弗里曼二因子等級變異數分析統計法,比較起步動作三個時期之間的差異;另以無母數曼-惠特尼U檢定,分析比較左右腳之間起步動作的差異。所有的變量以SPSS 12.0統計軟體進行測試,顯著水準訂為.05。結果顯示如下:起步動作開始以下蹲的持續時間最長。地面反作用力與重心呈負相關,地面反作用力增加,重心下降。推蹬動作完成後,髖關節、膝關節和踝關節伸展,則地面反作用力值增加。下蹲期開始,左腳地面反作用力明顯大於右腳,左腳也顯著比右腳快(P<.05)。在下蹲期的衝量,左腳明顯大於右腳衝量(P<.05)。
The purpose of this study was to explore the dynamical parameters of 2010 Tug of War woman’s world cup champion athletes during the break movement. We were interested in three periods of the break movement (Reaction movement, downward movement and propulsion movement) and the differences between the right and the left foot. The 3D kinematics data was recorded through ten Vicon MX 13+ high-speed cameras (250Hz) and the data were calculated by Nexus 1.6.1 software. The kinetics data was collected by two Kistler 9281 force plates (1000Hz) and calculated by the Excel software. The selected variables were tested by the Friedman two-way analysis of variance by ranks nonparametric statistical test to compare the differences among the three periods of break movement, the Mann-Whitney U nonparametric statistical analysis to compare the differences of the break movement between the left and right foot. All the variables were tested by SPSS 19.0 statistical software at a .05 significant level. The results show as follow: the downward duration time was the longest in the break start movement. The correlation between the ground reaction force and the center of mass was negative, that was while the GRF increased the COM decreased. In the end of propulsion, the hip, knee and ankle joint were stretching to increase the GRF values. In the beginning of the downward movement, the GRF of left foot was significant greater than the right foot’, the left foot was also significant faster than the right foot (p< .05). The impulse during the downward period, the left foot was significant greater than the impulse of the right foot (p< .05).
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