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Title: 八週循環訓練對役男體能表現的影響
Discussed Eight Weeks Circulation Training The National Troops Recently The Draftee Physical Ability Performance Influence
Authors: 卓俊辰
Keywords: 循環訓練
Circulation Training
Traditional Training
Recently Draftee
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 摘要 目的:探討八週循環訓練法對國軍新進役男體能表現的影響。方法:以國軍某單位新進役男30員為對象,檢測國軍基本體能三項與運動體適能敏捷性、肌力、爆發力、最大肌力、速度等項目,實施前測,完成前測後採隨機方式編成實驗組、對照組各15員,分別接受八週後循環訓練與傳統訓練,每週一、四進行一次訓練,八週後再行實施後測。前、後測結果資料分析以二因子混合變異數分析,檢視接受八週不同訓練法後,在體能各項素質表現之差異情形,組間與組內是否達顯著及有無交互作用,本研究顯著水準定為α=.05。結果:八週的循環訓練與傳統訓練,對新進役男在國軍基本體能與運動體能成績表現敏捷性、爆發力、最大肌力、速度表現組內均達顯著進步(p<.05),兩組間間未達顯著水準(p>.05)無交互作用;結論:參與循環訓練與傳統訓練將可獲得相同效果,單純觀察各單項成績平均進步情形,循環訓練組均較傳統訓練組為佳;設計循環訓練作為部隊新進役男訓練,將可獲得與傳統訓練相同的效果,並大幅提升役男參與訓練意願,有效管控訓練強度與時間,減少運動傷害發生。 關鍵字:循環訓練、傳統訓練、新進役男
Abstract Objective: Discussed eight weeks circulation training and the traditional training to the national troops recently the draftee physical ability performance influence. Method: Take national troops some unit recently draftee 30 as the objects, examines the national troops basic physical ability three items with the vehicle suitable to be able the agility, the Moy- strength, the explosive force, most greatly Moy- projects and so on strength, speed, before the implementation to measure front, after completes measured picks the stochastic way forming experimental group, control group each 15, after accepts eight weeks to circulate separately the training and the traditional training, every Monday, Thursday carries on a training, after eight weeks implements again measured. Before and after measured the result material analysis by two factor mix variance analysis, after inspect accepts eight weeks different training method, difference of situation in physical ability each quality performance, group with group in whether reaches remarkable and whether there is the correlation, this research remarkable standard decides as α=.05.Results: Eight week-long circulation trainings and the traditional training, to recently the draftee in the national troops basic physical ability and the movement physical ability result performance agility, the explosive force, the most greatly Moy- strength, in the speed performance group reached the remarkable progress (p<.05), during during two groups has not reached the remarkable standard (p>.05)and no correlation. Conclusion: Will participate in the circulation training and the traditional training may obtain the same effect, will purely observe various single items result average progress situation, the circulation training set compares the traditional training set for good. The design circulation training recently draftee's trained as the army, might obtain with the traditional training same effect, and promoted the draftee to participate in the training wish largely, the effective tube controlled the training intensity and the time, reduced the movement injury occurrence. Key words: Circulation training, traditional training, recently draftee.
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