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Title: 穿戴式裝置購買動機之研究-以跑步運動參與者為例
A Study on Taiwan’s Runners Purchase Motivation of Wearable Device
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Lin, Kuan-Fu
Keywords: 穿戴式裝置
wearable devices
purchase motivation
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 隨著工業4.0時代的到來,「量化自我」的概念漸漸滲透入我們的日常生活,人們開始透過科技記錄自己的身體資訊,藉此追求運動表現或保持健康,而穿戴式裝置更是此股潮流的重點發展項目之一。跑步,為國內參與人口最多的運動項目之一,穿戴式裝置的運用亦持續於此領域增長中,故其市場也極具潛力。本研究欲探討國內跑步運動參與者,對於穿戴式裝置購買動機之差異,期望能使相關企業更清楚主要消費族群真正的需求,藉此擬定適當的行銷策略。研究結果發現:(一) 「性別」、「年齡」、「職業」、「月收入(零用金)」、「跑步頻率」、「平均每周跑步距離」、「參與路跑賽事場次」、「跑步聽音樂習慣」、「智慧型手機價位」、「平均每日使用手機時數」十項人口背景變項與「是否購買穿戴式裝置」有顯著差異;(二) 參與跑步運動越深度者,會因「運動需求」因素而產生購買動機;(三) 智慧型手機價位較高者,較不會因「喜愛穿戴式裝置」因素而產生購買動機。有鑑於此,本研究提出以下建議:(一) 推出更多符合女性跑步參與者需求的穿戴式裝置; (二) 對於參與跑步運動深度者,建議以滿足他們的各種運動需求為行銷主軸,如此可提高該族群之購買動機。 (三) 建議後續研究以不同運動項目參與者為研究對象,如:鐵人三項、自行車等,以了解各運動項目對於穿戴式裝置之消費特性。
Along with the mindset of health awareness and improvement of technology, people are easier to collect data of sport performance and physical information for themselves. The industry of wearable devices is booming and it has been becoming one of the hottest industries in the sport business market. Running, which is the most popular exercise in Taiwan, is the main potential market of wearable device. The purpose of this study was to explore what is the difference of wearable device purchase motivation of runners in Taiwan. It is expected that the results can help the enterprise to understand more about its main target audience. The results shows: (a) “gender”, “age”, “occupation”, “monthly income”, “running frequency”, “average running distance”, “amount of running game joined”, “habbit about listen to music when running”, “price of smart phone”, “average hours using cellphone” on whether to buy wearable devices are significant different. (b) People who make more effort of running, would have higher purchase motivation of “athletic demand” factor. (c) People whose cellphone price is higher, had lower score of “like wearable device” factor. Suggestions are as following: (a) Releasing more products that meet the needs of women runner. (b) Meeting the need of heavily involved runner, is a good way to promote wearable devices. (c) Future research can be focused on different sport such as: triathlon or bicycle, to realize what’s the different about buying wearable devices in different sports.
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