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dc.contributorCheng, Shao-Tungen_US
dc.contributor.authorShan, Zong-Pengen_US
dc.description.abstract運動消費行為的一個重要研究方向是球隊認同,實證研究結果也發現球隊認同會影響球迷購買意願和消費行為。本研究旨在探討北京國安隊球迷球隊認同對購買意願之影響關係。以北京國安隊球迷為研究對象,採用問卷調查法,共取得400份有效問卷。根據所得資料,利用描述性統計、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾森積差相關及多元迴歸進行分析,經由討論,得出以下結論: 一、北京國安隊球迷以19-30歲年輕男性族群為主,婚姻狀況以未婚為主。 二、北京國安隊球迷球隊認同現況整體呈正向 三、北京國安隊球迷購買意願現況整體呈正向 四、不同人口統計變項之北京國安隊球迷在球隊認同存在顯著差異 五、不同人口統計變項之北京國安隊球迷在購買意願存在顯著差異 六、北京國安隊球迷球隊認同對其購買意願具有正向預測力 關鍵詞:北京國安隊球迷、球隊認同、購買意願zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAn important part of sport consumption behavior is team identification and the results of empirical studies have also found that fans' team identification will affect the purchase intention and consumption behavior. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of Beijing Guoan Football Team fans' team identification toward purchase intention. The subjects are the fans of Beijing Guoan Football Team. Using questionnaires survey method, a total of 400 valid questionnaires were obtained. Descriptive statistics, t-test, one-way-ANOVA, Pearson Correlation Analysis and multiple regression were utilized for data analysis. The fans’ purchase intention was significantly impacted by team identification in this study. Through discussion, the following conclusions are drawn: 1. Beijing Guoan fans are mainly 19-30-year-old young men, and marital status is single. 2. The status quo of team identification of Beijing Guoan Football Team fans' are positive. 3. The status quo of purchase intention of Beijing Guoan Football Team fans' are positive. 4. Different demographic variables of Beijing Guoan Football Team fans have significant differences in team identification. 5. Different demographic variables of Beijing Guoan Football Team fans have significant differences in purchase intention. 6. Team identification has positive predictive power to Beijing Guoan Football Team fans' purchase intention. Keywords: Beijing Guoan Football Team fans, team identification, purchase intentionen_US
dc.subjectBeijing Guoan Football Team fansen_US
dc.subjectteam identificationen_US
dc.subjectpurchase intentionen_US
dc.titleA Study on Team Identification toward Purchase Intention of Beijing Guoan Football Team’s Fansen_US
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