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Title: 臺灣運動產業大數據發展之初探
A Preliminary Study on Big Data Application in Taiwan Sport Industry
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Hsu, Pang
Keywords: 運動產業
Big Data
Sport Industry
Sport Big Data
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 大數據的探討如火如荼展開,影響了全球許多企業的經營。對於運動產業來說,數據分析早已行之有年,然而,大數據分析卻顛覆了原本的分析應用模式,運動產業面臨大數據時代的挑戰與機會,如何運用大數據分析成為企業在科技時代成功的關鍵因子。本研究藉由蒐集相關文獻暸解大數據分析之應用與發展,並以德爾菲法進行多回合的專家問卷調查,蒐集專家意見,探討大數據分析對運動產業的影響、臺灣運動產業發展的現況與未來運動大數據發展趨勢。本研究結論透過德爾菲法得知目前臺灣運動產業已暸解大數據之重要性與影響力,但運用有限,發展仍不夠成熟;而未來將因穿戴式裝置的普遍使用,將能蒐集更巨量的數據,並與物聯網、人工智慧共同創建新的智慧生活網絡,並將與其他產業之資料庫相互使用,以大數據為起點,串連起運動、生活、工作、個人與健康等數據資料庫,並產生更多的應用與服務,共創運動產業4.0的未來。
The trend and value of big data has been becoming a hot issue globally. In addition, it has exerted a great influence on business and management in the corporate world. For sport industry, data analysis has been practicing for years and the “Big Data analysis” has already changed the game of sport. In the new era of Big Data, while challenges arise simultaneously with opportunities of it, the critical factors for the corporates to be successful is to apply “Big Data analysis”. Literature review and Delphi method were applied to understand the effect and development of Big Data analysis in Taiwan’s sport. The findings emphasize the concept and uniqueness of the “Sport Big Data”, and show that Taiwan sport industry is awared of importance and effect of Big Data, but the development is still not mature. In the future, Big Data, wearable devices, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will create a new network of intelligent life, and produce much more applications and services to create the future of the sports industry 4.0.
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