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Title: 警用手槍不同射擊姿勢之生物力學分析
Dynamical Analysis of Police Pistol Shooting in Different Stances
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Tsai, Chien-Lu
Yeh, Chih-Chun
Keywords: 動力學
Isosceles Stance
Weaver Stance
One Hand Shoot
Hold Gun
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 良好的射擊技術在警察人員訓練上或實際執勤上都很重要。綜觀國內警察射擊訓練主要是以手槍射擊為主,而在過去講求經驗口授與反覆操作的訓練中,卻鮮少有人針對不同射擊姿勢在射擊過程中生物力學參數上的差異做相關的實驗與探討。本研究的目的在於了解與比較專業射擊教官三種不同射擊姿勢包括韋佛式、等邊式、戰鬥單手射擊過程的生物力學訊號,並分析不同射擊動作的特徵與差異,提供未來警察人員訓練之參考。本研究以4名擔任警察手槍射擊訓練的男性教官並曾取得常年訓練(講習)鑑定為特等射手(鑑定測驗達90分以上)為受試者。以隨機方式實施三種射擊方式,各射擊單發子彈10次,以VICON系統及AMTI測力板收集擊發前3秒至擊發後3秒的動力學訊號,並記錄射擊表現及彈著分佈。以無母數弗里曼二因子等級變異數分析,檢定不同射擊姿勢之彈著分布、槍支移動、射手身體壓力中心(COP)及彈著表現是否有顯著差異存在,顯著水準定為α = .05。結果發現,射擊表現上,韋佛式與等邊式無明顯差異,戰鬥單手則呈現彈著偏下且彈著偏差較大的情形。擊發前後的槍支穩定性以戰鬥單手最差,韋佛式與等邊式無顯著差異;身體穩定性在擊發後則以等邊式表現最佳。從結果得到以下結論,在30秒的射擊時間下,使用不同警用射擊姿勢並不會影響射擊分數表現。而相較於戰鬥單手射擊,雙手射擊的韋佛式與等邊式於擊發後的槍支擺動較小,較為穩定。
Good shooting technique is important for police no matter on training or on duty. From the previous researches we found the official police shooting training focused on the pistol shooting. In the past which emphasized to dictation of experience and repeated training. The researches of performance characteristics among different shooting stances were the new orientation. The purposes of this study were to compare the performance characteristics among three different police pistol shooting stances in the biomechanics approach. Four male police officers who were the pistol shooting instructor and had gained the special class shooter in perennial training test were recruited. The participants were shooting 10 times single shots in three shooting stances randomly (Weaver, Isosceles Stance& One Hand Shoot). The distribution of bullet holes and the biomechanical data were recording by the VICON Image Capture System and AMTI Force Plate in the period of 3 seconds before and after firing. The data were assessed using the nonparametric Friedman’s 2-way analysis of variance by ranks, the level of significance was set as α = .05. The results showed that there were no significant differences in the score among the three different pistol shooting stances. The distribution of the bulletson the target papers of One Hand Shoot were deflected downward and have greater deviation. The pistol swing motion of One Hand Shooting stance before and after firing was the greatest and there was no significant difference between Weaver and Isosceles stance. We found the stabilities of body after firing was the most in the Isosceles Stance shooting. In this study, we concluded that within 30 seconds of shooting time, there was no significant difference in shooting scores among different shooting stances. There were less pistol swing andmore stable by using two hands shot like Weaver and Isosceles Stances.
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