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Title: 三級跳遠跨步階段不同擺臂動作之運動學分析
Kinematics analysis of different type arm movement in step phase of triple jump
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Tsai, Chien-Lu
Chen, Chia-Lien
Keywords: 生物力學
Track and field
single arm swing
double arm swing
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 田徑三級跳遠起跳動作中依序為單腳跳、跨步跳與跳躍三個階段,且每個選手會依自己的技術有不同的比率分配,分別有單腳跳為主技術、跳躍為主技術與均衡技術,不同的技術各有不同的優缺點。而三級跳遠的上肢擺動技術也分為單手擺臂技術與雙手擺臂技術;對於單擺與雙擺技術究竟何種技術較能提升三級跳遠的競技成績,一直是倍受爭論的話題。因此本研究目的是以生物力學的方法比較正常助跑與短助跑 (11步) 的三級跳遠在跨步階段單擺與雙擺技術訓練前後的運動學特徵並進行比較分析。研究使用三部高速攝影機以 (250Hz) 針對台灣四名女子三級跳遠選手 (年齡,20±2.3;身高,164.5±4.7;體重,54±2.9) 經過八週的雙擺技術訓練後,於跨步階段使用單擺及雙擺技術的動作進行拍攝,四名選手皆習慣使用單擺技術,並以Kwon 3D 3.1分析軟體針對不同擺臂動作的跨步階段之進板速度、身體重心水平、垂直位移與人體的角運動學等參數進行分析;再以SPSS 23.0統計軟體進行無母數魏可遜符號等級檢定進行差異比較,顯著差異設為α =.05。結果發現兩種技術在三級跳遠總距離及擺臂角度無明顯差異;但雙擺技術比單擺技術,有較高的重心高度、起跳垂直速度、支撐腳著地時間與騰空時間。若能維持高水平速度的同時,使用雙擺技術或許能夠增加三級跳遠的成績。
Triple jump consists by hop, step and jump phase respectively, there are different phase ratios in different technique, including hop-dominant, jump dominant and balance technique, each style has its own advantages, there are two different style of swing technique at the upper limb including double arm symmetrical and single arm asymmetrical swing techniques. The purpose of this study was to compare the double arm and single arm swing techniques during step phase of two approach triple jump (normal distance and 11 steps) in kinematics approach after eight weeks of training on double swing technique since the athletes were all single arm technique. Three high speed digital cameras (250Hz) were used to record triple jump movement by four female triple jump athletes in Taiwan (age:20±2.3 ; hight:164.5±4.7 ; weight:54±2.9). The data were tested by nonparametric Wilcoxon signed-rank test in which the level of significance was set as α =.05 by using the SPSS 23.0 statical software The results showed that there were no significant different between two type of techniques in total distance and the angle of arm swing. The following variables such as the support time, the flight time in the air, the vertical velocity and high of COM were significant greater in double arm technique than single arm technique in step phase. We recommend that the triple jump athlete should consider to use double arm swing technique in future while the approach velocity is high.
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