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Title: 中學體育教師應用個人與社會責任模式改善關係霸凌之行動研究
An Action Research of Applying Responsibility Model for improving Relational Bullying in Junior High School
Authors: 林靜萍
Yu, Chen-Fu
Keywords: 邊緣化學生
marginalization student
character education
physical education
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在以行動研究的方式,探究TPSR融入體育教學中,學生間關係霸凌的行為是否獲得改善,遭受關係霸凌的同學能建立責任行為,對自我負責,並在過程中發現教學上的問題與解決方案,進而促進研究者的教學反思與專業的成長。研究參與者為台北市綠地國中八年級某班,男生12人女生16人,採用Don Hellison 所提倡的TPSR模式設計17節的行動研究方案課程,以教師日誌、學生學習資料、協同研究者觀察記錄、訪談資料作為資料蒐集的方式,研究結果發現:1.TPSR課程對於關係霸凌的現象能有所改善,是一套可施行的課程方案,並且也能看見學生在體育課中責任行為的正向改變,被排擠者也喜歡這樣的課程;2.旁觀者在教師的支持與關注下,願意說出同儕受霸凌的行為;並且霸凌者知道這樣的行為是不對的,因此也願意停止或減少霸凌行為,這兩者的改變也代表TPSR確實可以改善學生關係霸凌行為;3.TPSR課程對於關係霸凌的學生產生正面的影響,良好的師生關係與異質性分組方式能幫助TPSR課程在實施上更加順利。
This action research aimed to apply responsibility model for improving relational bullying among students by which students who were bullied could act responsibly and the instructor could find his own instructional deficiencies as well as solve them for promoting his ability of teaching reflection and professional development. Participants were 8th graders (12 males and 16 females) in a single class of Green Field School in the Taipei City. 17 lesson plans of this action research were designed by the TPSR model Don Hellison initiated. Data was collected through the ways of students’ interview, observation notes of coordinated researcher, instructor journaling and student learning archive. Results showed that 1. the TPSR as a feasible instructional model could improve the relational bullying among junior high students and make positive changes of students’ responsible actions in physical education classes; 2. the bullies in the class could aware their misbehaviors and be willing to stop and lessen those behaviors, and the neutrals, under the support of the instructor, would like to tell the reasons why their peers were bullied; 3. good teacher-student relationships and the heterogeneous grouping could assist the implementation of TPSR in physical education.
Other Identifiers: G060330011A
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