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Title: 適應式結果獲知的自我效能預測及動作學習效應
Motor learning effect and self-efficacy prediction of knowledge of results with adaptation
Authors: 卓俊伶
Jwo, Hank
Lin, Yi
Keywords: 自信心
motor performance
motor learning
knowledge of results
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 結果獲知 (KR) 包含訊息、動機、與連結的功能,是動作學習研究中的重要變項。KR對於動作學習及自我效能有影響,而當提供參與者錯誤KR時,對學習會有負面影響,但若改變KR的精確性,提供學習者正向適應式KR,亦對於動作學習有助益,並提高自我效能。本研究旨在探討正向適應式KR在動作表現的自我效能程度及動作學習的改變,以及自我效能是否能預測動作學習。共招募女性成年實驗參與者36名(21.1 ± 0.9歲),隨機分派至正向適應式結果獲知組、負向適應式結果獲知組及正確結果獲知組,實驗工作為空間性移動的矢狀軸伸展線性動作。獲得期進行60次試作並填寫自我效能量表,試作結束之後的第二天進行保留測驗。本研究自變項為結果獲知條件,依變項為絕對誤差 (AE)、變異誤差 (VE) 與自我效能分數。獲得期自我效能分數進行3(組別)× 6(區間)混合設計二因子變異數分析,其中區間為重複量數。保留測驗自我效能分數分別與保留測驗AE、VE進行簡單迴歸分析法分析,且保留測驗AE、VE將分別以單因子變異數分析。結果發現:(一)獲得期自我效能和組別交互作用達顯著,區間單純主要效果亦達顯著;(二)在保留測驗中,AE及VE達顯著差異;(三)正向適應式結果獲知組自我效能可以有效地預測AE及VE。本研究結論:(一)正向適應式結果獲知會改變動作表現的自我效能程度;(二)正向適應式結果獲知有助於動作學習;(三)正向適應式結果獲知安排下的自我效能程度可以預測動作學習。
Knowledge of results (KR) was considered to have informational, motivational, and associational functions. KR was an important variable in motor learning research. In addition, it had influence on motor learning and self-efficacy. After the erroneous KR was delivered, it negatively impacted on learning. However, changing the precision of KR and providing KR with positive adaptation to learners could facilitate motor learning and self-efficacy. This study was designed to examine not only the effects of KR with positive adaptation on self-efficacy in acquisition and motor learning but also the prediction of self-efficacy on motor learning. Thirty-six (21.1 ± 0.9 years) female adult participants were randomly assigned to groups of KR with positive adaptation, KR with negative adaptation, and correct KR. All participants performed a linear position task consisting of 60 trials and completed self-efficacy scale during acquisition phase. The dependent variables were different KR, and independent variables were absolute error (AE), variable error (VE), and self-efficacy. Through mix design two-way ANOVA with repeated measures on blocks, it revealed that significant difference was found on the interactions of self-efficacy and groups. AE and VE in retention tests were found significant difference by one-way ANOVA. Self-efficacy and AE, VE in retention tests were analyzed by simple regression analysis, and self-efficacy had significant predictive power toward AE and VE. The conclusions of this study were that KR with positive adaptation could change self-efficacy in acquisition and facilitate motor learning. Besides, Self-efficacy under KR with positive adaptation could predict motor learning.
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