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Title: 運動代言人可信度、代言商品知曉度與消費者購買意願之研究-以陽岱鋼為例
A Study of Sport Endorser’s Credibility, Endorsed Product Awareness, and Consumer Purchase Intention:A Case Study of Dai-Kang Yang
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Chiang, Yi-Hsuan
Keywords: 運動代言人
Sport endorser
endorser credibility
purchase intention
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討運動代言人可信度、代言商品知曉度與購買意願之現況與影響關係。以針對知道棒球球員陽岱鋼或陽岱鋼代言商品之一般大眾消費者為研究對象,採用便利抽樣及滾雪球抽樣之方式,進行網路問卷調查,共得有效樣本400份,所得資料以描述性統計、獨立樣本t 考驗、單因子變異數分析、皮爾遜積差相關、卡方考驗 、二系列相關進行分析。研究結果如下:一、陽岱鋼所代言之商品,主要消費者以居住於北部之21~30歲有購買過其代言商品的大專男性學生、每月可支配所得20,000元(含)以下;二、不同消費者背景變項對代言人可信度方面,「消費經驗」上有顯著差異;不同背景變項消費者對購買意願之差異分析上,在「消費經驗」上有顯著差異;三、消費者對於陽岱鋼代言黑松沙士飲料商品知曉程度高達九成;消費者對於陽岱鋼代言SYM (三陽) 機車商品知曉程度約為六成;消費者對於陽岱鋼代言「球來就打」手機遊戲商品知曉程度約為六成;四、不同背景變項消費者對代言商品知曉程度之之差異性考驗中,男性明顯高於女性;21歲-30歲組之消費者知曉程度最高;居住地區以北部知曉程度最高;教育程度以大專知曉程度最高;職業以學生知曉程度最高;個人每月可支配所得以20,000元(含)以下知曉程度最高;唯有「消費經驗」達顯著差異;五、代言人可信度與購買意願之相關分析上,代言人可信度四個構面與購買意願之間的關係,均呈現正相關,可信度中的「吸引力」、「可靠性」與「知名度」與購買意願呈現高度顯著相關,因此代言人可信度與購買意願呈現正向關係;六、代言商品知曉程度與購買意願之相關分析上,「購買意願」與「代言商品知曉度」有顯著相關。基於上述結論,本研究提出以下建議:一、建議企業品牌與運動組織可以針對年輕學生族群的消費習慣設計相應的行銷策略;二、建議企業主與行銷者在挑選代言人為商品代言時,因已全面性的評估來挑選高可信度之代言人,進而加深對商品印象,成功的把代言人情感移轉到商品上,達到代言效果;三、建議企業品牌不應只迷信於運動代言人的個人魔力,而忽視對消費者承諾的重要性,唯有商品質優與信譽良好的品牌,才能與運動員代言的效果相互輝映。
The study was to understand the relationship between sport endorser credibility, endorsed product awareness and consumer purchase intention. This Study focused on the product which were endorsed by baseball player Dai-Kang Yang. 400 validity samples were collected by internet questionnaire. Descriptive statistic, Independent-samples t Test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Chi-square Test and biserial correlation were applied for data analysis. There are six main results showed from this study. First, the consumers of the products, which were endorsed by Dai-Kang Yang are mainly college male students who live in northern Taiwan, 21-30 years old and have no more than $20,000NTD disposable income per month. Second, it showed significant differences from the background variables and consume experience in the credibility and also with purchase intension in variety test. Third, about 60% of consumer aware of SYM, and the mobile game names ”Baseball game ball to hit the mobile phone”. Fourth, male showed the higher endorsed product awareness than female. Among them, the 21-30 year-old-group, living in Northern Taiwan, students, and have no more than $20,000NTD disposable income per month showed the highest endorsed product awareness. However, only purchase experience shown significant differences. Fifth, it showed positive relations between sport endorser credibility and purchase intension. Especially, attractiveness, trustworthiness and awareness are highly related. Finally, purchase intension is significantly positive related to endorsement product awareness. Therefore, the recommendations are: First, corporate brand and sports organizations should design appropriate marketing strategies for the young student population; Second, the business owners and marketing person should selection high credible person as the commodity endorsement, because it has a comprehensive assessment to select high confidence of the ambassador, in turn deepen the commodity image, the success of the transfer to the commodity spokesperson emotion; Third, the proposed brand should not only superstition in sport spokesperson personal magic, but notice the consumer commitments. Only when the goods have high quality and good reputation of the brand, can athlete endorsements work.
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