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Title: 不同技能水準者在高爾夫球推桿動作準備時腦波指標之差異
EEG activity of different motor skill levels during motor preparation in golf putting task
Authors: 洪聰敏
Hung, Tsung-Min
Wang, Kuo-Pin
Keywords: 複雜動作
complex motor skill
motor preparation
motor control
visuo-spatial attention
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究目的在於探討不同技能水準者在高爾夫球推桿動作準備時,不同腦波指標差異為何。過去在精準性運動研究上,主要探討專家與生手之間的差異,並且一致發現專家會有較少的皮質活化。然而,先前研究探討業餘選手與專家,結果發現業餘選手活化大於專家。由此可見,技能水準階段的大腦活化並非是直線線性關係。此外,過去研究大部分都採單一指標來探討不同技能水準之間的腦波差異,有鑑於此,本研究招募不同技能水準階段者(專家、業餘選手、生手),進一步探討其心生理機制。本研究綜合過去在精準性研究上,電極點與腦波指標的發現,如Theta、Alpha1、Alpha2、SMR功率進行專家、業餘選手、生手的差異之比較。結果主要發現專家與業餘在Fz Theta功率;Fz、Cz、Pz、T3、T4 Alpha 1與Alpha 2功率;Cz、Pz SMR功率皆高於生手。即表示專家與業餘選手在認知資源分配、動作計畫、動作控制、視覺-空間注意力、視覺檢索、口語分析的干擾抑制能力以及注意力品質皆優於生手。值得注意的是,業餘選手則是在T4 Alpha 1與Alpha 2功率顯著高於專家。即表示專家在推桿準備時需要動用較多的神經資源在視覺空間整合區域,使能有效整合視覺空間訊息。
The purpose of the present study was to investigate EEG activity of different motor skill levels during the motor preparation in golf putting task. Previous evidences exhibited lower cortical activation during precision motor skill preparation in experts, compared to novices. However, the amateurs showed higher cortical activation than experts in motor preparatory period. Therefore, the patterns of brain activity during motor preparatory period among different skill levels could be nonlinear. In addition, previous studies investigating relationship between skill levels and EEG activity focused on only one EEGs indicator. Present study recruited golfers in three different skill levels (i.e., experts, amateurs, and novices) and employed several EEGs indicator (Theta, Alpha 1, Alpha2, SMR), electrode sites (Fz, Cz, Pz, T3, T4) to compare the association between skill level and EEG activity. The results revealed that expert and amateurs showed higher Fz Theta power, Fz, Cz, Pz, T3, T4 Alpha 1 power, Alpha 2 power, Cz, Pz SMR power than novices, indicating experts and amateurs appropriately mobilized neuron resources in a motor plan, motor control, visuo-spatial attention, visual search, verbal-analytic and attention (quality) than novices. It's worth noting that amateurs revealed higher T4 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 power than experts, which is related to greater visual-spatial integration process during motor preparation in golf putting task.
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