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Title: 臺北市12區運動中心市場結構、廠商行為與績效之研究
A Study of Market Structure, Conduct and Performance of Sports Center in Taipei's Districts
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Chen, Yang
Keywords: 運動中心
Sports center
Market structure
Market concentration
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究以產業經濟學中的結構-行為-績效理論為基礎,探討臺北市12區運動中心市場結構、廠商行為與績效。採用次級資料分析法、文獻分析法與田野觀察法等方式,以臺北市12個行政區內的運動中心為對象進行研究,研究採用2003-2013年之資料。所得結論如下: 一、臺北市運動中心屬多頭壟斷型產業,產品具有差異性,為進出入障礙程度高之產業。 二、臺北市運動中心產品多樣性高,價格策略多元,通路與推銷策略相對於其他性質產品少。 三、臺北市運動中心純益率平均最佳為文山運動中心,總資產報酬率平均最佳為士林運動中心,本產業為資本密集型產業。 四、委外經營模式對績效提升有正面效益,運動中心最大優勢在於經驗豐富營運團隊、結合行政區內各單位資源以及位於都會區交通便捷。 基於上述結果,建議臺北市政府與委外經營團隊應充分理解運動中心市場結構後,再進行行銷策略與政策之訂定,且應透過經營績效指標分析結果評估廠商行為之效用,才能有效達到運動中心設立之目標。而針對未來研究,建議可以增加相關人員訪談,由不同面向及角度進行探討,廠商行為部分可針對4P單一策略或其他行銷策略理論進行分析,豐富相關研究。
This study based on the industry economics theory and designed to explore the market structure, conduct and performance of sports center in Taipei’s 12 districts. According to the data collected from the secondary data, documentary analysis and field research were applied to analyze the data during 2003-2013. The results were derived as the follows: 1.Sports Center in Taipei’s 12 districts was categorized as the loose oligopoly industries, with the diversity of products, and the entry barriers was high. 2.Sports Center in Taipei’s 12 districts has high product variety. It adopted various ways in price strategy, but in place and promotion strategy perform lower than other related products. 3.The best average Profit Ratio is Wenshan Sports Center. The best average Return on Total Assets Ratio is Shihlin Sports Center. Sports Center in Taipei’s 12 districts belongs to capital intensive industry. 4.Operate Transfer model demonstrates positive effects on performance improvement. The greatest advantage of Sports Center is operated by an experienced team, with convenient transportation and conjunction with the resources in the metropolitan area. Results of the study indicate that Taipei city government and assigned operation teams should deploy specific strategy after fully understand the market structure of sports centers. Also through the performance evaluation index is used for evaluating the performance of sports centers. There are several suggestions for future study as follows: Research subjects may extend to different groups in research range. For the firm conduct, the models of 4P analysis or other strategies may be applied for future study.
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