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Title: 新北市學校專任運動教練之工作壓力與情緒管理
The Job Stress and Emotional Management of School Full-Time Sport Coaches in New Taipei City
Authors: 楊梓楣
Yang, Chih-Mei
Huang, Li-Ping
Keywords: 學校專任運動教練
School full-time sport coaches
job stress
emotional managemen
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討新北市學校專任運動教練工作壓力與情緒管理之現況、差異及相關情形,以任職新北市各級學校專任運動教練為對象,共計100名,研究方法採問卷調查方式,並以「工作壓力」與「情緒管理」量表為研究工具,所得資料以描述性統計、獨立樣本單因子變異數分析及皮爾遜積差相關進行統計分析。研究結果發現:一、新北市學校專任運動教練在工作壓力程度屬於中上程度,感受最深的工作壓力是指導推廣;在情緒管理程度屬於中上程度,以情緒同理能力為最佳。二、新北市學校專任運動教練不同背景變項在工作壓力上沒有差異情形。三、新北市學校專任運動教練中A級證照的教練,在情緒管理能力較高,其他不同背景變項在情緒管理則沒有差異情形。四、工作壓力與情緒管理兩者之間無相關性存在。本研究結論為:新北市學校專任運動教練在指導推廣方面是工作壓力感受最深的部分;而情緒管理,通常多以情緒同理能力表現最佳。工作壓力與情緒管理皆不因背景變項而有所差別;然而A級證照的教練,具有較好的情緒管理能力。教練在知覺工作壓力與情緒管理兩者之間沒有相關情形,因此教練工作壓力與教練本身情緒沒有直接關聯。 關鍵詞:學校專任運動教練、工作壓力、情緒管理
This study aims at investigating the existing conditions, differences, and correlation in job stress and emotion management of school full-time sport coaches in New Taipei City. It took totally 100 school full-time sport coaches at all levels in New Taipei City as the participanas and conducted questionnaire survey as the research method. Furthermore, the study employed Job Stress and Emotional Management scale as the research tool. Statistical analysis of acquired data is conducted in virtue of a descriptive statistic; independent sample one-way ANOVA and Pearson product-moment correlation. The research results show than: 1. The job stress of school full-time sport coaches in New Taipei City is above average and the maximum job stress comes from guidance and promotion; the emotional management is above average, especially for the ability of empathic emotional. 2. Different background variables of school full-time sport coaches in New Taipei City do not cause differences to job stress. 3.Sport coaches with Grade A license in New Taipei City boast higher capacity of emotional mangement, but different background variables do not cause differences to emotional management. 4. There is no correlation between job stress and emotional management. In conclusion, school full-time sport coaches in New Taipei City feel the deepest job stress on the aspect of guidance and promotion; while most of them show the best emotional management in the ability of empathic emotional. Neither job stress nor emotional management is different among the background variables. However, coaches with Grade A licenses are equipped with better capacity of emotional management. Coaches’ perceptions of job stress and emotional management are uncorrelated. Therefore, coaches’ level of job stress couldn’t refer to the emotional management ability. Keywords: School full-time sport coaches, job stress, emotional managemen
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