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Title: 國內優秀游泳選手三種不同蹲踞式出發動作之運動學分析
Kinematics analysis of outstanding swimmers movement of three kinds of running type to set out in Taiwan.
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Tsai, Chien-Lu
Tsai, Feng-Cheng
Keywords: 運動學
Short distance
The running type arises to set out
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 隨著游泳技術不斷的提昇,出發的優劣是選手在競賽中要取得好成績的一項基本指標,也有可能是決定比賽最後勝負的關鍵。從1996亞特蘭大奧運會到2000年雪梨奧運會四年期間,競游個人單項(仰泳除外)運動員所使用蹲踞式出發者則從23%提昇至55%(江永泰,2002),而在2004年雅典奧運當中的短距離競泳比賽(50M,100M)項目裡,蹲踞式更由55%躍升為81%(李垂裕,2006),由此可見,蹲踞式出發已經蔚為一種主流,而如何改進蹲踞式出發的技術動作是非常值得探討。故在本研究中,受試者接受不同姿勢的蹲踞式出發的訓練,並經由一台SONY攝影機進行拍攝,用know3D進行運動學分析,再進一步利用SPSS12.0 FOR WINDOWS統計軟體進行相依樣本變異數分析,以檢驗參數在三種出發技術之間的差異,藉以了解這三項技術關鍵之所在,做為今後訓練執行的依據,以供教練及選手日後訓練時的另一參考。   經研究結果得到的結論為: 一、雖然反應時間、跳台時間、起跳角度、出發台上前膝關節平均角速度、入水角度是出發重要的運動學參數,但就這三種蹲距式出發的來講,並沒有太大的差異。 二、此次實驗發現出發的過程有耗損掉水平速度,經過討論發現,出發的過程中身體截面積遭受空氣阻力,故會發生這種現象。 三、重心在後蹲距式出發雖然跳台時間是最長的,但是當時間未達顯著差異,而離開速度卻又能達到最快時,它將會是最佳的出發動作;更可見這個姿勢的加速度方式,優於另外兩種更容易被人體所接受。
Promotion with constant technology with swim, the quality of setting out is a basic index that the player wants to make good achievements in the contest. It is also the key to determining the match last win and defeat probably. During four years from 1996 Atlanta Olympics to 2000 Sydney Olympics, in the personal individual swimming event ( Except backstroking), the athlete uses the posture of running arises to start who promote it to 55% from 23% (Jang Yong-tai ,2002). The swimming match that the short distance in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 competes (50M, 100M) in the project, squat person who crouch is it become from 55% to 81% (Li thuei-yu ,2006). Therefore, the running type arises to set out that becomes a kind of mainstream. And how to improve the technological movements of running setting out type is very worth to discuss. So in this research, the experimenters accepted different posture arises training of setting out of the running type. It shot through a SONY cinecamera, and carried on kinematics analysis with know3D. And then utilize SPSS12.0 FOR WINDOWS to count the software and carry on the interdependent sample to make a variation and count analysing further. It’s in order to examine the differences of parameter in three kinds of setting out between technology. It’s used to understand these key of three items of technology, and in order to train the basis carried out in the future. For the coaches and the players will train in the future have another reference. By the conclusion that the result of study gets: 1. Reflect time, diving platform time, the angle of take-off, the average angular speed of knee joint on setting out in the platform, and enter ink angle are important kinematics parameter that set out. But it is explained that these three kinds of distance types of squating set out that are no too great difference. 2. This experiment found that the course of setting out consumed the horizontal speed. Discussed and found that the health section accumulated and suffered air resistance in the course of setting out. So this kind of phenomenon would take place. 3. Weight in behind squat distance set out though the getting longer most, as time has not reached the difference of showing. When leaved the speed but could reach fastest. It would be the best movement of setting out. It could see the acceleration way of this posture even more, and it is easier to be accepted by the human body to superior to other two kinds.
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