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dc.description.abstract面對全球高齡化的來臨,老年人的健康促進是值得重視的課題。老年人的跌倒是嚴重的身體功能之退化,尤其是在平衡能力及下肢肌力的部份。許多研究顯示,適度之陸上運動訓練能增進平衡能力及下肢肌力,且水中運動的種種特性適合老年人進行運動。是否水中有氧運動的介入對老年人平衡能力及下肢肌力有所影響是本研究欲探討之課題。 本實驗之受試者為33位年齡高於65歲之老年女性(平均年齡為68.9± 3.9歲,平均身高153.3± 4.7公分,平均體重58.9± 7.5公斤,平均安靜血壓值:收縮壓131.7 ± 20.9mmHg、舒張壓75.2± 11.3 mmHg,平均安靜心跳率76.7 ±10.2次)。於2005年3月7日至5月13日完成10週、每週3次、每次60分鐘及目標心跳率達到最大心跳率之65%至80%之水中有氧運動課程。 所有受試者在水中有氧運動課程介入之前後,各接受平衡能力及下肢肌力檢測,包括:(1)靜態平衡:閉眼單足立測驗及開眼單足立於Castsys2000平衡能力測試儀器; (2)動態平衡:8呎起立-走測驗;(3)下肢肌力:垂直跳及30秒坐站測驗。所得資料以描述性統計及成對樣本t考驗進行統計分析。 研究結果發現,受試者接受10週的水中有氧運動課程後,在閉眼單足立、開眼單足立於Castsys2000平衡能力測試儀器、8呎起立-走測驗、垂直跳及30秒坐站測驗之成績皆明顯優於運動介入前,達到統計上顯著差異。 水中有氧運動在增進老年女性平衡能力及下肢肌力上都有相當好的運動效果,可建議老年人從事類似相關的水中運動。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractPURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of water aerobic exercise on balance and lower-extremity strength for old women. SUBJECTS: Thirty voluntary old females (age= 68.9± 3.9 year, height= 153.3± 4.7 cm, weight= 58.9± 7.5 kg, systolic pressure= 131.7 ± 20.9mmHg, diastolic pressure= 75.2± 11.3 mmHg, and heart rate= 76.7 ±10.2 beat) DESIGN: 10-week-long water aerobic exercise of YMCA water fitness program, conducted from March 7th, 2005 to May 13th, 2005. All subjects performed the exercise three times per week, 60minutes a period . The target heart rate of the water aerobic exercise was to achieved 65%~80% maximal heart rate. MEASURE: Before and after doing water aerobic exercise, all subjects took balance and lower-extremity strength tests, which includes: (1)static balance test: (a)closed-eyes on one foot stand, (b) one- leg stance with eyes open for 30 seconds on Catsys 2000 force platform on flat ground. (2) dynamic balance test: 8 foot up and go test. (3) lower-extremity strength test: (a) vertical jump meter, (b) 30-second chair stand test. Data were statistically analyzed by t-test. RESULTS: Pre- to post-test analysis revealed that the score of closed-eyes on one foot stand, one- leg stance with eyes open for 30 seconds on Catsys 2000 force platform on flat ground, 8 foot up and go test, vertical jump meter and 30-second chair stand test conducted after the subject’s taking the water aerobic exercise was significantly better (p< .05) than that of the tests conducted before their taking the water aerobic exercise. CONCLUSIONS: The water aerobic exercise is of great help in maintaining and enhancing balance and lower-extremity strength for old women. To improve old woman’s balance and lower-extremity strength, the water aerobic exercise is recommended.en_US
dc.subjectwater aerobic exerciseen_US
dc.subjectlower-extremity strengthen_US
dc.subjectelderly womenen_US
dc.titleEffects of Water Aerobic Exercise on Balance and Lower-extremity Strength for Old Womenen_US
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