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Title: 教學對七年級學生理解科學文本語意的影響-以「植物的基本構造與功能」單元為例
The Effects of Teaching on 7th Grade Students’ Understanding of 'the Structures and Functions of Plants' Science Texts
Authors: 楊文金
Yang, Wen-Gin
Keywords: 主題相關組
Science Text
Science Teaching
Reading Comprehension
Scientific Mandarin
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討學生對漢語特性及科學文本隱含語意的理解,並檢視教學對其理解科學文本的影響。 研究設計採準實驗研究和晤談研究兩種進程,以台北縣某國中七年級86 位學生為對象,發展「植物的基本構造與功能閱讀理解測驗」為測量學生閱讀理解測驗的工具,以瞭解學生在教學對七年級學生理解科學文本語意的影響。經過教學,一星期後進行後測。以相依樣本t-test、effect size、McNemar Test 等統計分析量化資料,並依據Mehan 的主題相關組(Topically Related Sets)以及Lemke 的主題類型(Thematic Pattern),分析教師口語教學內容,以詮釋教學的效應。晤談對象則隨機抽取10 位在教學前後想法改變的學生,以晤談深入瞭解教學對學生科學文本語意理解的影響。 研究結果發現:(1)漢語特性及科學文本隱含語意會造成學生閱讀理解的困難。(2)整體來看,教學顯著幫助學生對科學文本的理(p< .05),其效果量達Cohen's d 值為1.38。(3)透過主題類型分析教師教學口語之語意類型關係,可檢視教學對學生理解科學文本的關聯。最後針對未來研究、教學、以及教科書編寫等提出建議。
The purposes of this study is to explore the features of Mandarin and the semantic implications of nominal groups of science texts, and to investigate the effects of science teaching on students’ understanding. A quasi-experimental design and qualitative interview are utilized in the present study; and the text of “the structures and functions of plants” is selected as target text, and an instrument of “Test of the Semantic understanding of Plants’ is developed accordingly. A total of 86 seventh-grade students participated in this study. Meanwhile, the episodes of teacher’s teaching were analyzed into “Topically Related Sets” (TRS) and “Thematic Patterns” (TP); students’ understanding is then interpreted by TRS and TP. Paired t-test, effect size, and McNemar tests are applied to analyze the quantitative data collected. Ten students who performed differently before and after the teaching were selected for in-depth interview. Major findings are as follows: (1)The features of Mandarin and the nominal groups deployed in the target texts impacted on the students understanding significantly. (2)Teaching did improve students’ understanding (Cohen's d=1.38). (3)The TRS and TP Analyses of teacher’s teaching provided bases for interpreting and explaining the interaction between science teaching and science learning. Based upon the findings of this study, implications on science teaching and teaching materials writing were discussed and the possibilities of further research were also suggested.
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