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Title: 九年級學生科學寫作與學習成就之探討-以「溫度與熱」為例
The Research of 9th Students’ for Scientific Writing Work and Study Achievement : The Illustration from “Temperature and Heat”
Authors: 楊文金
Wen-Gin Yang
Chin-Chuan Wang
Keywords: 科學寫作
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究旨在以「系統功能語言」(Systemic Functional Linguistics)為分析工具,分析學生觀看「溫度與熱」影片(約三分鐘)後所寫的科學寫作成品,藉以了解學生在科學寫作的表現上與學生學習成就的相關性,研究結果可提供科學教師作為科學教學活動之參考。本研究以35位台北市立某公立國中九年級學生為研究對象,研究的工具包括「溫度與熱」的影片、科學寫作學習單。以描述性統計及Pearson積差相關,分析學生科學寫作作品中各個向度及其與國文科、自然科學習成就之間的相關性。研究結果顯示: 一、自然科與國文科學習成就越高的學生,在字數、內容詞數、小句數、一般詞數、科學詞數、物質過程詞數等寫作「量」方面的表現皆會越多。 二、自然科與國文科學習成就越高的學生,在科學解釋句數寫作「量」方面的表現會越多。 三、小句最高等級不論在與自然科學習成就相關方面或與國文科學習成就相關方面,皆達顯著相關,顯示成就越高的學生,在進行科學寫作時,會使用越多的小句來描述觀察或解釋。 四、自然科與國文科學習成就越高的學生,在進行科學寫作時,正確科學解釋句數方面的表現會越多。 五、學生在進行對現象做解釋的科學寫作時,除了句子深度外,各個向度與自然科以及國文科學習成就皆達顯著正相關。顯示自然科或國文科學習成就較高的學生在對現象做解釋時,各方面的表現也都會比較好。
The purpose of this research was to use Systemic Functional Linguistics as analyzing tools for analysis of students’ scientific writing work after their viewing the video, “Temperature and Heat” (about 3 min in length), so that we may understand the correlation between the performance of students’ scientific writing work and their study achievement. Furthermore, the results of the study can also be used as references for science teachers in scientific teaching activities. Thirty five students from the 3rd grade of a Taipei municipal junior high school participated in this study. Devices including “Temperature and Heat” (video clip) and work sheets of scientific writing were designed and administered. Statistics including descriptive and Pearson’s product-moment correlation were conducted to analyze the quantity and quality of students’ scientific writing and the correlation between them and their learning achievement of Chinese and science. The study results are shown as follows: 1. The higher achievement of science and Chinese that a student has, the better performance will be on the quantity of words, content terms, small sentences, general terms, scientific terms and material process terms. 2. The students with higher achievement of science and Chinese will have better performance on the quantity of scientific explanation sentences. 3. The correlation of the highest degree of small sentences is noticeable on achievement of either science study or Chinese study. Students with higher achievement will use more small sentences to describe or explain the observations while doing scientific writing. 4. The higher achievement of science and Chinese that a student has, the better performance will be on correct scientific explanation sentences while doing scientific writing. 5. While the students are doing the second scientific writing, in addition to the difficulty of sentences, each dimension has a positive correlation with the study achievement of science and Chinese. This indicates that students with better study achievement of science or Chinese will also have better performance on explanation of phenomena.
Other Identifiers: G00T1452009
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