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Title: 線條表現之插畫創作與研究 —以徒手繪製為例
The Illustration Creation and Study of Line Expression — with Hand-Drawing as an Example
Authors: 張柏舟
Chang, Hao-Feng
Keywords: 線條
form of expression
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本創作研究主要是探討線條特性中的多元變化,以及應用於插畫設計創作上的視覺效果表現與形式風格,企圖透過文獻探討分析發現線條的情緒變化特色,並且匯整此些元素配合構圖下產生線條的單純性、視覺獨特性等,達成插畫設計的新型態創作風格與特殊表現方法。 經由文獻資料的蒐集整理,整合分析2010波隆納插畫入圍作品的表現形式的差異性,並歸納產生創作理論架構,作為創作時的發想和實際運用與表現形式與技法。本研究創作以單張插畫為主,以「未來–造雨王國」為主題的插畫創作,以手繪線條為主要的表現手法,並且結合電腦的輔助設計運用,完成系列性作品。應用的作品以圖像筆記書與明信片等周邊設計物。創作目的主要在探討純粹的線條表現在插畫設計的個性化應用,並找出設計師的自造風格與創意的圖像,並架構有趣的設計方法。 本研究歸納出線條插畫創作研究以下結論: (一)插畫創作可融入「生活經驗」、「擬人化手法」、「幻想的能力」這三個因素是筆者認為的重點與創作表現的關鍵因素。 (二)插畫現今的表現方式與媒材豐富多元,創作者可以清楚的插畫本身的意義就是在「說明」功能,更清楚的去講解一切事物的意涵,用視覺表現手段來吸引讀者注意的效果。 (三)插畫作品中必須要有「真實情感」表達與「說故事」的能力,利用故事效果可以使讀者融入劇情,產生回憶與過去的經驗,並利用圖像的方式,創造出更令人驚奇的感官刺激,達成插畫意涵的傳遞。
The creation and research aim to explore the diversified changes of characteristics of lines and the expression of their visual effects, form and style applied in the creation of illustration design. It intends to analyze and excavate the characteristics of lines in emotional changes through literature reviews. Coupled with the composition, such factors were reorganized, compiled to produce the simplicity and visual uniqueness that will achieve new creative style and unique expression method of illustration design. Through the collection and reorganization of literature, we integrated, analyzed and inducted the differences of expression forms among works in the short list of 2010 Bologna Illustrations into the theoretical framework of creation that would act as idea of creation and the form and technique of expression in practical use. The creation in the research is an illustration creation that focuses on single illustration with “future—rainmaker kingdom” as the subject, hand-drawn lines as the main approach of expression. A series of works were completed under the combination with computer-aided design. Most of the application works are surrounding design objects such as image note books and postcards. The main purposes of the creation are to explore the personalized applications of the expression of sheer lines in the illustration design, find out self-made style and creative image of designer and construct the framework of an interesting design method. In this research, the following conclusions were inducted for the creation of line illustration: 1. The illustration creation can blend into three factors, "life experiences", "anthropomorphic approach” and “capacity of fantasy” , that the author considered as main points and the key factors of creation performance; 2. The current performance patterns of illustration and media materials are rich and diversified that the creators could clearly understand the meaning of illustration lies in the function of "description" and clearly explain the implications of almost everything. So they may use the visual performance approach to achieve the effect of attracting the attention of the readers; 3. The illustration works must be able to express "real affection" and "tell story". They could use the effects of story to help the readers blend into the story, recall the memory and past experiences. They could also use image to create more surprising sensory stimulation and achieve the goal of transferring the implications of illustration. Keywords: line, hand-drawing, illustration, form of expression
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