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Title: 像素畫造形表現形式在插畫創作上之運用與研究
The Study and Application of Pixel Art Design in Illustration
Authors: 張柏舟
Wu Lung Chi
Keywords: 像素畫
Pixel Art
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 像素畫是和馬賽克鑲嵌、梭織布紋一樣古老的藝術形式,在電子產品發展初期曾風靡一時,但隨著電腦軟硬體的發展,人們開始追求更高畫質的平面及立體影像而式微。後來又因手機及掌上型電玩的發展與普及,在掌上型電子裝置間引發了一波像素畫的復古流行風潮。憑藉其獨特的造型及表現形式,像素畫自成一格化為數位影像藝術的一個分支。 插畫是伴隨著圖畫書的發展而發展的,從專供兒童閱讀到進入文學作品,插畫完成了第一個階段的演變;從文學作品的附屬到成人繪本,插畫發展成為獨立的影像語言。插畫不斷演繹著它的精彩。 像素畫的發展也讓它被廣泛地運用到其他藝術創作中,演繹出新的藝術形式和藝術作品,像素畫造型及藝術表現形式給予了插畫創作新鮮空氣,而眾多藝術家的開拓和實踐使得插畫發展到新階段—像素畫插畫。 本文回顧像素畫、插畫發展歷史,分析了像素畫造型及表現形式在插畫創作中的優勢所在,在對名家像素畫插畫作品分析的基礎上,總結像素畫插畫特點。並透過創作像素畫插畫進一步探究此藝術形式的發展可能性。
Pixel Art, an ancient form of art as mosaic and textile gyrosigma, was once popular for a time when products of electronic technology first came out. However, with the development of computer software and hardware, Pixel Art has lost its fashion because people have begun to pursuit two-dimensional and three-dimensional images with a higher quality. Later, due to the development and popularity of cellular phones and portable video games, Pixel Art has regained its attention since it leads to a retro form of art that is often seen in mobile electronic devices. With its unique shaping and art performance, Pixel Art has stood out as a unique form in the art of computer graphics. The history of illustration is strongly connected to the development of picture books. From reading materials for children to literary works, illustration has completed the evolvement of the first stage in its history. From the dependency of literary works to picture books for adults, illustration has formed an individual language of images with its unique style. The art of illustration has developed into a variety of spectacular forms. Pixel Art has been widely used in other forms of art creation, which produces a group of works with new styles. The shaping and art performance of Pixel Art have given the artists of illustration an inspirational possibility of creation. Many artists try to incorporate Pixel Art into their works of illustration, which forms a brand-new stage of Pixel Art Illustration. This study examines the historical development of Pixel Art Illustration and discusses the shaping and art performance of Pixel Art, identifying its prestige in the creation of illustration. Based on the analysis on the famous works of Pixel Art Illustration, the features of this form of art are concluded. Also, this study will probe into the possibility of future development in the creation of Pixel Art Illustration.
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