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Title: 廟會意象在人像插畫之創作與研究
Temple Festivity Imagery in Character Illustrations
Authors: 周賢彬
Hsien Pin-Chou
Chao Wei -Weng
Keywords: 廟會意像
temple festivity imagery
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究目的在藉由人物插畫結合廟會意象元素創作之表現,提昇國人對民俗文化的興趣與關注。研究創作採用本土文化的廟會意象為主題,以人物插畫設計為主軸,經由電腦插畫的表現,讓本土活動特色更精緻與現代化,藉以提升本土廟會活動的印象。 研究中以電腦插畫方式,是考量插畫表現不受時空的限制,能將傳統廟會意象數位化及現代化呈現。研究之進行,先從文獻中整理出人像插畫及廟會意象的基本概念。人像插畫以較寫實的表現方式,並配合廟會陣頭、器物、廟宇的繪畫與雕刻工藝…等並與民情典故搭配運用;以傳統吉祥圖案與現代人像插畫的圖像組合,表現本土藝術的精緻化與現代感。 本次創作表現人像插畫與廟會元素結合的異想世界,拉近現代與傳統之間的距離,希望藉由廟會意象的運用,讓作品表現本土藝術的獨特與美。期待以此為出發點,讓國人更加關注本土藝術的發展與可能性,並投入本土藝術設計、運用的開發,讓在地文化展現國際性的形象。
This study attempts to infuse elements of temple festivity imagery into character illustrations so as to enhance the interest in folk culture among the general public. The theme of this study;the temple festivity images in the local culture, runs throughout the creation of character illustration in the form of computer illustration, which brings folk customs to life in more modern and refined manner and allows temple festivities to leave a deeper imprint in the minds of the public. Given that illustration can transcend time and space, computer illustration is used to frame images of temple festivity in a digital and modern way. After basic concepts of character illustration and temple festivity images are drawn from related literatures, creation of character illustration pursues a more realistic path. The combination of traditional lucky-charm images and modern character illustration are spiced up by folklores, performances and the props used in the temple festivity, and the sculpture and paintings found in temples to showcase the refinement and modernity of local art. This study presents a wonderful world of character illustration with elements of temple festivities in an attempt to shorten the gap between tradition and modernity. Temple festivity images reinvent the uniqueness and beauty of local art. Hopefully, this will be the basis on which future efforts will continue to build in order to make the general public more interested in the development and potential of local art, and the design, development, utilization of local art can be further enhanced so that it can shine on the international stage.
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