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Title: 生命關懷海報設計研究創作
Creative Study of Poster Design on Caring about Life
Authors: 蘇文清
Su, Wen-Ching
Lin, Mei-Chun
Keywords: 生命關懷
Caring about Life
Poster Design
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 動機近來國際衝突不斷,烏克蘭和敘利亞等問題,在各地引發許多恐怖攻擊事件,造成大量死傷與難民流離失所。局勢動盪不安,人們彼此的距離也隨著被拉開,冷漠、霸凌與自殺等社會問題層出不窮。不論國際情勢或氣候變遷等災禍產生,最終受到傷害的都是生存在地球上的生命。 本創作研究透過三個階段執行,首先依據文獻探討,整合心理學、社會科學、人文學及哲學與生命關懷的關係,彙整出相關脈絡,建立人與自己、人與他人、人與環境及人與宇宙四個面向。接著將此四個面向再與2012-2016年世界重大事件歸納出研究創作主題,分別為黑心、生命、終點、天災、難民、探索、恐怖攻擊、我、地球2.0、動物等十個主題。最後以曼陀羅思考法符號轉換為創作模式,有系統的將主題擴散衍生子題,產生設計元素並進行海報設計。 運用曼陀羅思考法符號圖像轉換,建立一套邏輯系統的設計模式,以理性框架引導,發揮無限創意。不僅提供創作者設計思考的方法,更可作為創作者說明或解釋作品理念的依據。 本創作主要目的是以生命關懷為主軸,創作十個主題之系列海報,希望喚醒大家對於此議題的重視,進而對弱勢族群帶來可能的幫助。我們可以透過國際的共同協定或條約,維持世界和平、貿易往來或武器規範等,但是無法針對生命關懷提出或是定義具體法則。一般人面對生命關懷如此大範圍的議題時,總會不知道自己可以從何做起,期望透過本研究創作中每一張海報的小觀點、小省思,激發並聚焦社會大眾的關注,強調對生命的尊重並引發大家對生命關懷的共鳴。
A number of international conflicts have been occurring continually. Political statuses of Syria and Ukraine keep causing numerous terrorism attacks, deaths, and homeless refugees. Not only people keep distance with each other, there are also lots of indifferences, bullies, and suicides. International affair and climate change can eventually hurt the lives on earth. This creative research had been conducting by three phases, firstly based on literature review, intergraded psychology, social science, humanities, philosophy, the relation with caring about life relevant contexts had been compiled, and established four aspects, including people and myself, people and myself, people and environment, people and universe. Next, these four aspects had been integrating with major events in the world which occurring in 2012-2016, and to conclude the creative research subject. They are “Black-hearted”, “”Life”, “Destination”, “Disasters”, “Exploration”, “Terrorism Attacks”, “Me”, “The Earth 2.0”, “Animals”. Lastly, these aspects had been transformed into creation model by Mandala, and systematically diffusing the subject and deriving the sub-subjects, then coming up with the design elements and conducting the poster design. Utilizing Mandala and image transformation can establish a logical and systematically design model, and come up with endless creativeness led by rational framings. It not only provides a method of thinking for designers, but also serves as the basis for designers to explain their works. The main axis of this creation is based on caring about life, and creates series posters of ten different subjects. It is expected to cause attentions to this agenda, and then bring up possible assistance to minority group. We can maintain world peace, inter-trades, weapon regulations via international agreements and treaties. But we cannot set up or define concrete principle for caring about life. People usually don’t know where to start when facing this sort of big agenda. Hopefully by each little perceptive and thinking of the posters, this creative search is able to encourage people to pay attentions, respect lives, and resonate with caring about life.
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