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Title: 宇宙模型與宇宙年齡的探討
Authors: 林文隆
Keywords: 宇宙模型
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本文對宇宙標準模型加以探討,並對宇宙演化的歷史,作了描述。對目前較被採信的宇宙學中 不為零的各種宇宙模型,加以論述和數學上簡單的推導。同時提到宇宙年齡之測定方法,根據核紀年法、恆星演化法、白矮星冷卻法的最新觀測結果,得到宇宙年齡的下限。並依據宇宙大爆炸製核理論、宇宙微波背景異向性、星系團、超新星等的重要觀測結果,得到宇宙中物質與能量的各種成份有多少。根據最新的宇宙參數,以模型實際計算了宇宙年齡,得到宇宙年齡約為131億年,此結果與前面最新觀測所得宇宙年齡的下限符合,故知計算所得宇宙年齡為正確的。
In this thesis,we discuss the standard model of cosmology and describe the history of the universe.Then various cosmological models with are discussed in detail.Three different methods (nucleocosmochronology,stellar evolution and white dwarf cooling)to determine the age of the oldest objects in the universe are briefly explained.The most recent results of these observations are summarized.They set the lower limit of the age of the universe.Then we discuss the matter and energy according to the important observational results of BBN,cosmic microwave anisotropy,galactic cluster and Type Ia supernova.We use the most recent cosmological parameters and CDM model to calculate the age of the universe.The result is consistent with the lower limit of the observations.
Other Identifiers: N2003000263
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