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Title: 鍶釕氧超導體的庫柏電子對對稱性及傳輸性質
Pairing Symmetry and Transport properties of Sr2RuO4 Superconductors
Authors: 吳文欽
Ming-Tso Kao
Keywords: 鍶釕氧超導體
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 超導能隙結構,特別是能隙結點的方向,是了解非傳統超導體的庫柏電子對機制的重要課題。在本論文中,我們以傳輸性質的觀點(熱傳導及超聲波衰減)檢驗了鍶釕氧超導體的有序參數對稱性。我們考慮了鍶釕氧的三個能帶,來分析目前的重要模型。為了研究電子-聲子交互作用的各向異性如何影響超聲波衰減,我們也推導了適當的算式。相關的計算還在進行中,將會在爾後提出。
The superconducting gap structure, especially the direction of nodes, is a crucial issue for understanding the pairing mechanism of unconventional superconductors. In this thesis, we examine the order parameter symmetry of superconductor Sr2RuO4 inthe view points of transport properties (thermal conductivity and ultrasonic attenuation). We investigate the current leading pairing models by taking into account allthree bands for Sr2RuO4. To see how the anisotropic electron-phonon interaction affects the results of ultrasonic attenuation, we have also derived the appropriate formalism. Related calculations are underway and will be presented elsewhere.
Other Identifiers: N2003000196
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