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Title: 南臺灣蔡氏澤蟹生活史探討
Other Titles: Life History of Geothelphusa Tsayae Shy et al.,1994(Decapoda: Potamidae), in Southern Taiwan
Authors: 陳溫柔
Issue Date: Apr-1999
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 從高雄縣大樹鄉興田溪溝採回抱有第一期稚蟹之淡水蟹--蔡氏澤蟹(Geothelphusa tsayae)雌蟹,進行室內飼養,探討其生活史。當第一期稚蟹離開雌蟹之後便予以單隻單格飼養,一直至性成熟期。自1996年8月∼1998年5月由4 隻雌蟹共取得稚蟹48隻,其中5隻(二雄三雌)養到第八期稚蟹以上,飼養時間約10個月。第一期到第九期各期所需時間約分別為29、17、16、24、 26、34、75及78天,合計第一期到第九期共需時間約299天。交配後到產卵(抱卵)所需天數約105天,產卵到孵出第一期稚蟹約需14天。蔡氏澤蟹剛孵出之第一期稚蟹殼寬約為4mm,第八期時殼寬約為18mm;殼寬增長在前六期呈直線成長,雌蟹每蛻殼一次殼寬平均增長1.99mm,而雄蟹則為 2.05mm。由野外記錄到的最小抱卵雌蟹殼寬為20.25mm推測:在實驗室內飼養的第九期雌蟹可謂達性成熟之體型,即第一期稚蟹約經一年可達成體。本研究亦詳述其它伴隨性成熟之性雙型特徵之變化。
This research tend to study the life history of the female fresh-water crab Geothelphusa tsayae embracing the juveniles in the first stage (J1), collected from Dashu Hsiang, Kaosiung Hsien and transferred to laboratory be raised. After releasing, the J1 were reared individually until mature. Four female G. tsaye with 48 juveniles were collected from August, 1996 to May, 1998 and raised for approximately 10 months. Among them, 5 juveniles (2 males and 3 females) were raised beyond the 8th stage (J8). From J1 to J9, respectively took about 29, 17, 16, 24, 26, 34, 75 and 78 days; the sum was about 299 days. From mating to breeding needed about 105 days. About 14 days needed from laying eggs to J1 being hatched. The width of the carapace of J1 was about 4 mm and it increases to about 18 mm in J8. The growth of the width of its carapace enhanced steadily and linearly during the previous 6 stages. Whenever exuviate, the females grew about 1.99 mm in carapace-width in average while the males about 2.05 mm. According to the record of the research that the width of carapace of the smallest wild female pregnant crab was 20.25 mm. It can be deduced that G. tsayae turn to be an adult ones in J9 while reared in laboratory; that is, the J1 becomes mature after one-year raising. In this report, we also introduce in details about sexualdimorphic characteristics of G. tsayae during the period of growth.
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