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Title: 建構主義與科學教學
Other Titles: Constructivism and Science Teaching
Authors: 張世忠
Issue Date: Sep-1997
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 建構式的科學與學習觀點日益受到重視,發現它能提供給學生較豐富的認知,這個認知是用來改造在學校教室中教學和學習互動的本質,這個觀點的基本原則就是知識是建構出來的,而不是靠著傳輸得來的。在提供有具體經驗的學習環境中,學生容易建構他們的知識。然而當他們無法描述或解釋所學習的主題時,知識就不容易被建構出來。來自於研究的結論,更發現當學生與別人從事有關主題的討論或活動時,知識就更容易被彼此互相建構出來。最後,教育學者專家建議了一些革新的教學方法,幫助老師們在日常教學生活環境中,去增進他們的教學表現。
There was an increasing interest in constructivist view of science teaching and learning. It provided students a richer understanding. The understanding was being used in endeavors to recast the nature of teaching/learning interaction in science classrooms. A fundamental axiom of this view was that knowledge was constructed, not received. Knowledge survived when it was viavle in the experiential world, but it was generally abandonede when individuals recognized that it could not describe their experience. Knowledge was ccollaboratively constructed between individuals. Knowledge and understanding was constructed when individuals engaged socially in talk and activity about shared problems or tasks. Finally, educational researchers recommended a number of practices that promised to assist in improving teacher performance and emphasized what needs to be done in order to improve science pedagogy.
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