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The purpose of this study was to investigate whether peer-assisted learning (PAL) strategy on Moodle could improve junior high school students’ oral proficiency in English. We conducted a questionnaire survey to determine whether PAL strategy would have positive effects on junior high school students’ attitudes toward English learning. All procedure the researcher conducted was on Moodle. Participants were 65 students of second grade of junior high school in Taipei; they were assigned to two groups: experimental group and control group. The experimental group was engaged in online recording activities with PAL strategy in which the students were permitted to share their assignment with each other and their peers; on the contrary, the control group would practice individually and couldn’t share their assignment with each other and their peers. After practices, we conducted a posttest and questionnaire survey. The results showed that the students’ English speaking proficiency and the initiatives and perceptions of English learning would be promoted effectively by PAL strategy. However, the learners’ anxieties about English learning were increased.



Moodle, 同儕輔助學習, 同儕楷模, 同儕分享, 英語學習態度, 英文口語表達能力, Moodle, Peer-assisted learning (PAL), peer modeling, peer sharing, attitudes towards English learning, oral proficiency in English