Business Development Plan-Versatility A Business Plan of Using the Internet as a Platform for Recruiting Sports Instructors, Intermediary Service and Offering Afterschool Classes

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Plan Highlight In recent years, due to social phenomena such as decreasing birthrates, increasing competition and the changing structure of families, besides academic subjects, there is also increasing demand for afterschool programs. Children are being sent to these programs at a younger age, and there is, as a result, a growing number of diverse afterschool programs. This plan mainly focuses on afterschool sports programs, defining its B2B and B2C markets and proposing a business plan that uses a website as a platform for afterschool sports instructor recruitment, intermediary services and for offering afterschool courses. Regarding the B2B, through understanding the needs of kindergartens and nursery schools, the business can help develop customized professional afterschool sports curriculums according to their preferences. As for the B2C, the business will offer self-operated afterschool classes, recruit students and run the programs. The whole business will be mainly Internet-based, using a website to recruit self-employed instructors and collaborate with them. The highest quality of teaching will be upheld through training, trial classes, assessment, supervision and filtering of instructors, providing a more complete and diverse teaching service for nursery schools, kindergartens and parents. The business competitive advantages of this plan is that although the business of teaching sports in Taiwan has started to flourish nowadays, there is not yet an Internet-based platform that provides the above-described sports teaching services. Aim of Plan 1. Concerning B2B, the company will acquire in-depth knowledge of the demand for sports afterschool teaching in kindergartens and nursery schools and satisfy their needs, for these schools will be our main market segmentation. 2. Concerning B2C, the company will maximize profits by offering self-operated afterschool sports classes based on collaboration with diverse sports instructors. 3. The goal of this plan is to set up the first diverse afterschool teaching service platform and to provide the best teaching talents in sports and other afterschool classes. Market Opportunities 1. Kindergartens and nursery schools need high-quality sports teachers and diverse sports teaching services in order to meet the needs of children of different ages. 2. Parents attach importance not only to the width of their children’s learning, but also the depth of it. It is therefore imperative to ensure that each child receives teaching that best fits their level. Value Propositions 1. Traditional institutions typically offer only one or two kinds of afterschool sports programs. This plan will provide a plethora of afterschool sports classes for kindergartens and nursery schools who work with us to choose from, satisfying our customers’ every need. 2. Existing afterschool institutions mostly offer set curriculums. This plan provides professional, customized sports and physical education services. As a child ages, this plan gradually increases the difficulty of the classes, so as to ensure that children of all ages receive appropriate teaching that assists in their physiological development. 3. The industry currently relies less on the Internet and runs business mainly in a conventional way. This plan uses a website as the tool for recruiting instructors, marketing and sales, which is a scale-up in the way the business is operated, overturning the traditional method of such services. Core Strengths 1. The team already posseses years of experience in the field of folk sports teaching, having taught kindergarten, elementary school and middle school students in the past. The team is equipped with sufficient knowledge concerning teaching afterschool programs and also understands the current stae of the market, which gives them an accurate grasp of the demand. 2. Members of this team have the know-how and experience in training sports instructors for the government and academic institutions. 3. Members of the team have worked in the advertising and marketing industry and are familiar with marketing strategies and mechanisms as well as how to promote the brand and open up the market with the help of innovative tools.



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