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本研究探討wiki活動對國小六年級學生論說文寫作表現、寫作態度及寫作歷程的影響。以台東縣某國小六年級某班24位學生為研究對象。依據該班五年級下學期寫作總平均成績,分派為每組3人之異質協同寫作單位,分別提供wiki計劃樣版及改寫樣版。實驗處理由三個論說文主題組成。研究結果如下: 寫作表現方面,(1)使用wiki後除破題得當、首尾呼應兩項的前測與後測之差異未達顯著,其他評量項目之寫作表現後測均優於前測;(2)使用wiki改寫樣版之小組於特定寫作主題的表現顯著優於使用wiki計劃樣版者,進一步比較使用不同wiki樣版者,其個人寫作表現之差異則不顯著;(3)小組與組員之個人寫作表現間的相關,只於主題2「假如小溪變成黑色」達顯著,於主題3「做時間的主人」、主題4「誠實與欺騙」則否;(4)討論、執行、檢核三種任務角色輪換對學生寫作表現之影響未達顯著差異。 寫作態度方面,(1)後測態度總分顯著低於前測寫作態度總分;(2)使用不同wiki協同寫作樣版者間的寫作態度並無顯著差異。 寫作歷程方面,計劃組在文章編輯歷程裡,對於匯入該主題內容的方式、教學者評註的反應、嵌入影片的刺激、寫作表現升降情形等皆與改寫組不同;而在討論區內容變化及反映之寫作態度上,計劃組與改寫組行為雖有些許差異,但整體而言皆是往正向發展。
The purpose of this study was to investigate how wiki-based activities affecting sixth grades students’writing performance, attitude, and process of argumentation. Participants were 24 students of a six grade class at an elementary school in Taitung county.Students were assigned into eight three-person groups basing on their writing achievement scores at last semester.-Four groups were provided with planning templates and, other four groups with revising templates.The experimental treatment was composed of 3 essay topics.The results are as follows: Writing performance: (1) Except for using topic sentence and coherence, the other writing performance assessment items of post test were better than pre-test ones. (2)The groups with revising templates performed better at certain topics than the groups with planning templates in wiki.however,there was no significant difference among individual writing performance.(3)The correlations between groups and individuals for their writing performance were significant related in topic 2, “If the creek turned black”.However, no significant correlation was found in topic 3, “To do the master of time”and topic 4, “Honesty and deceit”. (4) Students’ writing performances were no significant difference among the role rotation (discuss role, implement role, and check role) of three tasks. Writing attitude : (1)Scores of attitude scale in post test is significant lower than the one in pre-test.(2)There was no significant difference at the score of attitude scale between the students who wrote collaboratively with different kind of templates in wiki. With regard to writing process, the groups with planning templates were different from the groups with revising templates in some aspects, such as importing contents, responding to instructors’ commentary, being stimulated by embedded videos.The content and the attitude in the wiki forum showed that the students’ development of writing skills and attitudes were generally positive.



wiki活動, 論說文評量, 寫作表現, 寫作態度, 寫作歷程, wiki-based activities, the assessment of argumentations, writing performance, writing attitude, writing process