Moodle 平台Podcast對高中生英文學習成效之影響


本研究使用學習管理系統(Moodle)結合語音Podcast的方式,探討以Podcast加強高中生英文之成效,並了解高中生使用Podcast的時間分佈情形。研究以高中二年級學生為研究對象,兩班各40人,一班為實驗組、一班為控制組。兩班皆為自然組,由同一位教師授課,且兩班為同質性班級。實驗期間實驗組以Moodle 平台的 Podcast聽力教材輔助英文學習,為期六週,課程範圍為三課,每課兩週。各課的流程為:第一週聽單字、片語,並上Moodle做單字、片語的測驗。第二週聽課文,並上Moodle做課文相關的測驗,及課文相關的聽力對話測驗。控制組以一般教學進行學習。實驗結束後,實驗組進行使用情形與態度問卷的填寫。 實驗組與控制組在英文學習成效上並無顯著差異,但實驗組的平均數較控制組高。兩組學生的英文聽力成績也未達顯著差異。實驗組學生的使用Podcast時間最多為479分鐘,最少為77分鐘。使用時間較多的學生,在英文學習成效表現較好。問卷顯示實驗組的學生對於實驗呈現正向的態度,超過六成的學生認為 Moodle 平台的 Podcast聽力學習有助於他們的英文學習,能增加學習英文的信心,也表示願意再嘗試 Podcast聽力學習。
The purpose of this study was to verify the effects of Moodle-based English-listening podcast on high school students’ English learning. We also conducted a survey to understand student’s perceptions toward the Moodle-based podcast approach. Two statistically homogeneous high school classes were assigned into experimental class and control class respectively. Each class has forty students. The experiment class used Moodle-based audio podcast to enhance English learning while the control class didn’t use any learning aid. The experiment period lasted for six weeks. Three units were selected for the experiment, two weeks for a unit. The experimental procedure for each unit was that students firstly listen podcasts of vocabulary, idioms and phrases, and then log into Moodle to do related listening test. On the second stage, students listen the podcasts of article reading, and then log into Moolde to do listening test on article reading. The result indicated that there is no significant difference between two groups’English learning effect, while the experiment group has the higher scores than the control group. The amount of time in using podcasts ranges from 77 minutes to 479 minutes. Students who spent more time on Moodle-based podcasts did better on their English achievement test. Experiment class students express positive attitude toward Moodle-based podcasting. Over 60% of the experiment class students agreed that the Moodle-based podcast can enhance their English learning.



電腦輔助英語學習, 英語聽力學習, 英語數位學習, Podcast, CALL, English listening, English e-Learning, Podcast